Just need some advice. I have been on combined pill for a number of years now and mainly take it back to back. On the 7th of may i had unprtected sex and had not taken my pill the 2 days before it but did on the morning of the night of sex and did carry on taking there after. I ran the pack into this month so no 7 day break. I am just worried i may have been caught out any help thank you x


  • Hi I was wondering what does it mean to still have cramping after ovulation???

    It's been 8 days since I had extremely bad pains on 1&2th of this month, I was a ment to have my ovulation on the 6th but on the 5th it was already closed and hard like my nose. Me and my partner have had unprotected sex and I don't know what to do

    Please help 😞😕

  • Have either of you taken a pregnancy test or visited a doctor?

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