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Join us for a live webchat between 12-1pm on Monday 26th October with Babyexpert's new midwife Jenny Smith. Post your birth and newborn questions here from now onwards and Jenny will answer them once she comes online


  • Hi Jenny

    I love runny eggs and have been told to avoid them but I have also been told if they are british its ok as they are injected against salmonella? Whats the truth??

    Thanks xx
  • Hiya

    I've noticed the last few days that i'm getting sharp stabbing pains down below more frequant (been getting them for 2 weeks), also discharge has changed and become more thicker. Is it just that baby is getting lower, i was measured 3/5 (2nd baby) 12 days ago, or are the stabbing pains something else? They come and go so quick but stops me in my tracks.


    34 weeks today
  • What are the symptons of silent reflux as i am sure by 6 week old baby has it. How can it be treated?
  • Hi - we had our anomoly scan last Tuesday and all was well with the little one. I have been feeling fluttering for about 2-3 weeks now and I'm sure over the weekend I started to feel more definite movements. However I haven't really felt anything since yesterday and over the weekend suffered from an on/off dull ache in my lower tummy area - both sides although mostly on the left. Today it's gone but I am still worried that I haven't felt any form of movement. OH says that everything will be fineas baby was so well last week but you know what us mum to be's are like and I'm worried!

    Sarah (19+6)
  • i had a c section in 10/07 and again 07/09, might be pregnant again, how will this affect my body
  • Hi it's Jenny here, I'm online, looking forward to answering your questions.
  • good to 'meet' you Jenny!
  • Hi JunieMummy, many eggs would probably be ok but it is not worth the risk. salmonella is particulary nasty, very bad tummy bug with high temperature, not good in pregnancy
  • hi TTC2009, as your baby's head goes into the pelvis your pelvic organs get more squashed and your pelvic ligaments can get quick sharp pains if walking alot. When this happens you need to stop for a moment be careful about your posture, do some deep breathing and they should go quickly. If very persistent call your midwife or doctor. Thicker discharge is normal if white and not causing itching.
  • Hi Jenny
    What would you advise re pregnant women getting the swine flu vaccine (pandemrix)? There is so much conflicting info/advice out there, it would be great to get a professional opinion!

    I don't have any underlying health conditions and am worried that the vaccine my have an effect on my baby (I'm 25 weeks pregnant).

  • Hi JoeyB83, alot of babies have reflux, some mild like you describe, this can mean a little bit of tummy acid in the back of the babies throat due to a weak muscular closure of the tummy (which is the case for all babies). What might help is putting a small cushion UNDERNEATH the babies mattress which elevates the babies head slightly which may reduce the regurgitation. Remember to keep baby back to back and foot to foot in the cot.
  • Hi wannabeamummy, when babies are 19+6 they are small compared to their big swimming pool of amniotic fluid and therefore you usually feel quite light flutters unless the baby gets near the wall of the womb when you feel stronger movements. It is very reassuring that your scan is completely normal and i am sure you should feel some flutters soon. If the pain has gone away and there is no bleeding all should be well. If you do not feel a flutter soon you can ask for your midwife to listen to the babies heartbeat with a handheld device for your reassurance.
  • Hi Jenny,

    I was breech for several weeks then baby turned in 37th week. Since then there's been a lot of movement but think the baby is sill head down but not engaged as i can feel head move around. Will they check baby's position when I go into labour as Im scared of going into labour in a breech position.

    Thank you,

    Inka x
  • Hi judi_C5, you will be recommended by your obstetrician to have another ceasarian section as you have had 2 previously which increases the risk of rupturing the scar whilst in labour. Usually the pregnancy should progress normally and the doctor will recommend a CS at 39 weeks so the your CS will be planned. During the time of the operation it may take slightly longer so that your layers inside can be separated due to your previous surgery. You could ask for a 'natural CS' which means that the screen is lowered as you hear you babies water coming out and you can watch the slow delivery of you baby and have it skin to skin straight away if your pregnancy has no problems
  • Thanks Jenny. Any ideas what the pains could be. They do come and go and are back for a little bit now. It is not cramp like at all, best described as a dull ache low down a little above my pelvic bone. Feels quite deep down. Doesn't hurt when I go to the toilet and is often better if I stand up.
    Just worried it is something to do with the little one.
  • Hi **cath**, I can understand your dilemma on this and indeeed many of my women are also feeling confused as we always say don't take any medicines or vaccinations in pregnancy unless absolutely necessary. As pregnant women become immune suppressed due to the baby inside them they become more susceptable to getting swine flu. The department of health classes pregnant women as a more at risk group because of this. It is a decision which you must take yourself after carefully balancing the pros and cons. I suggest you speak with your doctor further should you feel that you do not want to have it as is the recommendation from the department of health.
  • hi jenny thank you for your reply.
  • Hi Inka, normally when babies decide to go head down at 37 weeks they stay there. However there is a chance that your baby could move again into a breech position if the head is still free in you abdomen as you state. Don't worry, just at your next check tell your midwife your concerns. If she is uncertain of the position when feeling your abdomen she can refer you for a mini scan which can determine which way your baby is lying. Even in labour this can be done and sometimes you can diagnose by vaginal examination but it is better to know before labour to reduce worries.
  • hi Jenny

    this isn't strictly "birth" related so hope you can help anyway.

    i am 7+1 and have had horrendous morning sickness for the last 2 weeks. Over the weekend I bought some travel-sickness wrist bands and they have been a miracle cure. Unfortunately, within half an hour of taking them off i feel sick again so have been wearing them 24hrs a day - only removing them to have a shower.

    My husband is concerned that I am wearing too much and could do some damage to myself or the baby.

    Do you know if it is ok to wear these all the time or if i should limit the usage (they just work by putting pressure on an acupressure point)

    MrsRaf 7+1
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