LIVE baby and pregnancy skincare webchat

Expert Janie Moore will be with us between 12-1pm on Monday 16th to talk tummies, stretch marks and all things skin-related for baby and pregnancy!

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  • I'm a bit confused - on the advert on the home page it says pregnancy and baby, here it just says pregnancy - can we ask baby related skin q's?
  • Hi Loopy Loo,
    Janie will be happy to answer questions related to both pregnancy AND baby, or even general skincare issues, so feel free to post your questions!
    Web Ed Nicola
  • Hello Loopy Loo, you can ask any question you like about your own skincare or your baby's . Janie
  • Welcome to today's webchat. Janie Moore of Pure Girl Organics is joining us to give advice on skincare and beauty. She will do her best to answer as many questions about baby and pregnancy skincare issues between 12 and 1pm today.
    Start posting your questions NOW. Janie will be sending Weleda Nappy Change Creams to the first 20 members to post a question in this webchat.
  • My skin has improved amazingly since i got pregnant, its the first time iv never had spot since i was 14 ( 31 now)
    obviously it suits me lol.
    however im worried that after the birth my skin will go horrid again and i wont have time for my usually routine, do u have any quick fix solutions??
    many thanks
  • hi im 32 weeks pregnant and my skin is really suffering especially along my jaw line ive tried exfoliating and lots of different spot creams but nothing seems to work is there anything you can reccomend for me to try. ooh and im getting new stretchmarks on my sides (this is my third lo) what is the best to use a cream or an oil to try and help my skin to stretch better as its very itchy thanks in advance
    claire x
  • I'm pregnant with my 2nd child and already have awful stretchmarks, which thankfully aren't as bad as they were 18 months ago. My question is can I help my skin to not get as many stretchmarks this time whilst making sure the ones I already do have have chance to rectify themselves properly? Thank you image
  • my almost 9 month old is constant breaking out in rashes and dry skin, can you suggest something to moisturise his already sensitive skin.
  • Hiya -
    wondered if there was anything you could recommend for me - I'm really really itchy, to the point of it driving me insane and keeping me awake all night - but there are no medical concerns, its just me.
    I've tried all sorts of creams to ease the itch - E45, cocoa butter, bio oil, aqueos mint, savlon, creams prescribed by the doc - think they're mild hydrocortisone...
    None of them work!!!!!!
    Is there anything that doesnt come with a celebrity price tag (ie under ??????10/20?) that i can use?
    I itch all over from my head to the soles of my feet and have no respite at any time of the day - cold showers dont work either.

    Hoping you can help!
  • Hiya
    My lo has really dry skin on her tummy and her arms, am using oilatum junior cream and bath stuff, jst wondered if there was nethin else i could do to help her?
  • When I gave birth to my daughter faith 17 months ago i had unsightly red stretch marks, i was using bio oil and coco butter but they have only faded the last few months, they are really silvery now, is there anything else i can use to make them fade a bit more?
    We are trying for another baby and I really do not want my stretch marks to get worse!
  • my lo is 19 months and suffers with really dry patches on her skin. i have exzema so i thought she might get it. can you reccomend a good moisturiser to use on her? we have heard a lot of good things about the new body shop range have you had any experience with these products?
  • My 9 month old has excema, he has been prescribed diprobase and hydrocortisone. The hydrocortisone works to clear up his flare ups but they keep coming back as soon as we stop using it. We've tried changing his washing powder and running an extra rinse cycle on the machine in case it's that that's making it worse. Do you have any suggestions for anything else we could try?
    Kerry xx
  • Reading about you on the advert for this webchat it said that you have done alot of research into excema. My daughter suffered from excema, she is 8 months, although she has always had dry skin patches it has been worse since 5 1/2 months and could be related to weaning. If a certain food is causing it, how long would it take to effect her skin? Everytime all her bad patches go, they spring back up in the same spot or somewhere else so we are constantly fighting 'bad patches' which are red, dry and louise is starting to scratch the patches on her tummy when we are dressing her. Any tips to find out what is causing these bad patches? Also, do/did you find bathing in an emolient everyday helpful or is it best to bath less often even with this in the bath? At the ,oment we are using a moisturiser atleast 3 times a day alongside an emolient, both prescribed by a doctor.
    Thank you
  • Hi,

    My lo is 4 wks old on wednesday, i was told by mw they dont recommend i use any products on his skin till he is 6 weeks.

    what would you recommend from 6 wks as he has very dry skin on his arms and legs and forehead But he has oily cheeks

    Thanks in advance
  • Hi Janie
    Please help!
    Since finding out I was pregnant I have been really suffering with spots, especially on my chin, dry skin on the bridge of my nose and very dry skin on my hairline going into my hair.
    I normally have really clear skin and this is not normal for me.
    I have been keeping my face clean with clinique face wash and trying not to touch the spots - unless they really need to be squeezed!
    Is there anything I can do to help my skin?
    Your advice is much apprecaited.
  • Hello Mrs Dixon, unfortunately hormonal changes do affect the skin. Try not to squeeze any spots as this will spread the bacteria. Keep the skin clean and use products that are as natural as possible. Our Clear Skin care range with Sage and Mint will help to keep spots at bay and using a dab of Tee Tree or Lavender on the spots does help. Good luck. Janie
  • Hi M + K, using natural and organic creams are best for your skin. A quick splash with afew drops of lavender and warm water will refresh your skin and as an antiseptic keep germs at bay. Janie
  • Hello Clare, once again, hormones are on the move. Our Clear Skin range will help keep spots at bay. We recommend this range to teenagers and it works wonders. For a great natural exfoliator, try Trillium Lavender and Geranium Body polish. Your skin will feel and smell gorgeous. There is no miracle cure for stretch marks, but our Lavera Rose Body oil will go a long way to help. Good luck with babay no. 3. Janie
  • Hi Sazzy Jay, moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Your skin is expanding and needs real tlc. Give your tummy the best care by massaging good quality organic base oils with Lavender, Geranium or Rose. Take care. Janie
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