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Join our Family Travel Advice Webchat with First Choice Holidays Travel Expert, Tommy Lynch on Monday 19 July from 12-1pm.

Tommy will be here to answer any questions you might have on family holidays such as where to go, what to take and how to get there.

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  • Hi, I wont be able to get online at the time of the chat but would like some advice on flying with a toddler.

    In september we're travelling to florida with my 7 year old step daughter and my 22 month old daughter. Do you have any tips or advice on how to stop tantrums/keep her entertained for 10 hours?

    Thank you,

  • Welcome to today's family travel webchat.

    Tommy Lynch from First Choice Holidays will be here in 5 minutes to answer as many questions as possible for one hour...
  • Hi I'm Tommy Lynch - welcome to the web chat!

    I'm here today to answer all your family travel questions so I look forward to chatting with you.
  • Hi tink-a-belle,

    Yes, he absolutely does need to be insured and named on the policy. I can only speak on behalf of the suppliers we use, Mondial, who cover infants on their parent's policy, but again they have stressed that the baby must be named. The best advice I can give is to call your travel insurance provider, or call into your local travel agent to confirm. As for mosquito bites, you really will need to take advice from a medical professional so please speak to your doctor or ask at your local pharmacy.


  • Hi Tommy
    I have a few questions if that's ok:
    I am looking to go to a Balearic island for our first family holiday with my son (who is 13 months) in September when it gets a bit cooler. Can you recommend any good family friendly resorts there (not too lively)? Also what it the baggage allowance for babies, do we get any extra? What sort of equipment will hotels supply? I've heard that some even have buggies, is this true? Thanks for your help.

  • Hi mrs_wright,

    Why not get some new toys to keep the children entertained on the flight or hide some of their old toys a few weeks before you travel and then they will be pleasantly surprised when they are onboard the flight. I also think picture books, activity and sticker books are great as they are light weight and provide hours of amusement.

    Also I would suggest checking with your airline to see if they have seat back entertainment as it's a great way to keep everyone amused. We have lot's more tips on our website ( for travelling with children - in the -family holidays' section.

    Have a great holiday!


  • Hi queenie_bee,

    Balearics is a great choice for a first family holiday and two resorts that spring to mind are C'an Picafort in Majorca and Punta Prima in Menorca. These are both quiet spots but with lot's of places to explore. C'an Picafort is also home to one of our Holiday Villages where we have a cr????che available as well as pre-bookable baby packs which include buggies and all the equipment you'll need on holiday to save having to take it all with you. The Insotel Club Punta Prima in Menorca features the Insotel baby service which includes pushchairs, bottle warmers, nappy disposal and highchairs for your apartment. With regards to baggage allowance, on our holidays infants get an extra 10kg allowance, plus you can take a buggy.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Tommy,

    I'm taking my three children (6yrs, 3yrs 1yr) on a 10 hour ferry journey to France in a month's time. I've never taken them on a boat before and therefore don't know if any of them will suffer from seasickness. Is there any medication I can take with me which is suitable for all ages or can you recommend any natural remedies or ways to lessen the effects?

    Many thanks! C
  • Hi Tommy
    Please could you explain holiday baby sitting services that you offer. Is it popular? I always worry about leaving my children ( I have toddler twins) with a stranger and especially after the whole Maddy thing I worry whether I should or not.
  • Hi Christianne,

    If you pop to your local pharmacist they will be able to give you the best advice on medication. I have some natural remedies you can try plus some top tips...
    1. You can buy acupressure wrist bands or even make your own with a bead or small stone and tape to your wrist.
    2. Try splashing cold water on the back of your neck which hits the pressure points and is supposed to alleviate nausea.
    3. Focus on one spot, such as the horizon.
    4. Try a ginger lolly or anything with ginger in, like a ginger bread man.

    Have a nice holiday...


  • Hi DottyDarling,

    Some hotels may offer a baby sitting service but facilities and personnel may vary and we can't guarantee the standards meet UK requirements. For peace of mind I would recommend you take advantage of our evening cr????che sessions which are available in our Holiday Villages for children aged 0 - 3 years old until 11pm on selected nights. These guarantee your children will be looked after by UK qualified, trained staff in a safe environment and there will never be more than 3 children to one member of staff. These sessions can be pre-booked before you go to save on disappointment.

    I hope this helps!


  • Thanks so much to Tommy for his great advice on family travel.
    For more holiday advice, ideas and great offers log onto:
  • Thanks Tommy

    That does sound like a much better alternative and I will certainly look into it x
  • Thanks for the questions, I hope my answers have been useful. If you have any more questions we'll try and get back to you on here as soon as possible. For any further information or helpful hints visit our website

    Best wishes,

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