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  • Do you we post questions beforehand or at the time of the webchat?
  • Hi,
    I think i might have luteal phase deficit. I am taking B6 but it is not working. What should my next course of action be? Thank you
  • Zita will be here from 12-1pm today, don't worry if you can't that exact time- leave your question now and come back later for Zita's answer...
  • Hi Zita, its fabulous your doing a webchat on BE! I have just finished a cycle of ICSI, and used your CD and went to acupuncture on your recommendations. My question may be a bit different, but I hope you can advise us!

    I had ICSI, with one excellent top grade embryo and one with visable vaccules, put back on 30th July.
    On Friday 6th I did a HPT which was positive. On Sat 7th I started intermittent brown smears when I wiped, only tiny amounts that day, then two the next day, then one on the Monday, one Tuesday, none Wednesday and none since. I went to the clinic on the Tuesday morning for the official bloodtest. They said they held out no hope, which I thought was a bit harsh as it was tiny smears of brown and you are more likey after IVF to have a bit of bleeding aren't you? We got a fantastic reading back of 93 - 50 being what they hoped for! They then said they thought there was no problem. On Thursday I went back for a repeat blood test and it was 165. They said that as it hadn't doubled in the 48 hours I should expect heavy bleeding. Again, we were devestated, but looked it up and did some research and found that it should double over 48-72 hours. Also that as long as it rises by 66% in 48 hours it is fine - mine was 77%. Today I am 4+6. We have an early scan next Tuesday at 6 weeks to see if there is a heart beat. The clinic I am with is excellent when it comes to their research, awards and treatment, but the patient care is awful - no sympathy, explanations and full of negativity if it isn't their textbook way. I know you cant tell me whether my baby is ok or not, but could you give me your opinion on what has been happening?

    Thank you so much in advance for looking at my question. I would have loved to use your clinic, but we are too far away. Any comments or advice you could give would really help us know what to think. I am thrilled to be pregnant, but the clinic has put such a shadow over it, and I am terrified I am walking around happy, when my embryos are unsurvived inside of me. It has been such a rollercoaster.

  • Hi Zita,
    Quick background - I am 32, Hubby 33. We have a daughter aged 3 (no problems with that pregnancy (1 mth trying!) or birth with the exception of requiring epidural for stitching internal tear afterwards) and before that had a miscarriage at 10 weeks (3mths trying).
    Aside from having actually had a baby, and being a few years older, there are no changes to our lifestyle (don't smoke, don't drink excessively)
    We have now been trying for 2nd baby for nearly 2 years with no luck. SA shows super-duper sperm (even the consultant was impressed!). Bloods, scan and HSG show no probs with me. I'm now on my 2nd cycle of clomid (was so sure 1st cycle would guarantee pregnancy?????? ).
    I am so disheartened every month as I really didn't want such a big age gap between children.
    The question I really want answered is why am I not getting pregnant? What are your thoughts and advice?
  • Welcome to today's Make a Baby Month Fertility webchat. Zita West will be here in 5 mins to answer as many questions as possible...
  • Hello everybody...Thanks so much for asking me to do this webchat today. I will answer as many questions as I can and sorry if I can't respond to everyone but I'll do my best! Zita
  • Hello Mrs Amanda...I am really thrilled with your glad you got pregnant naturally the second time around - it just shows you should never give up hope...Hope the remainder of your pregnancy goes well for you ...Zita
  • Hi,
    I think i might have luteal phase deficit. I am taking B6 but it is not working. What should my next course of action be? Thank you
  • Hi Mrs Mel...this is a difficult one to answer as I don't know how old you are. I think you should go and see your GP as a first stop, who should offer you some fertility tests and also check your Progesteron levels and then go from there...He will be able to refer you on for further investigations if necessary...Zita
  • Hi Zita,

    Thank you for this opportunity. My hubby (36) and I (33) have been trying for our first for 20 months. Hubby has borderline sperm count and morphology but not so bad that it shouldn't happen naturally for us. I have one blocked tube and am awaiting a date for a laparoscopy. I have regular cycles so all ok there. Recently I have started experiencing deep period like pain during sex but only in some positions (mainly where it feels like hubby is hitting my cervix). I am worried that this is something serious and whether my op will identify the cause.

    I am otherwise very fit and healthy so my questions are what could this pain be, could it be a reason why we haven't conceived, and would the laparoscopy pick it up? Could it be something to do with my blocked tube?

    So many questions, sorry, but it is all such a worry so I would really appreciate any words of wisdom.

    Thank you,
    Angelfish08 x
  • Thanks, I am 29.
  • HI Zita,

    My hubbie has 2% morpholgy/2%motility and these are slow sluggish. We have been told IVF is our only option. Would you say we have no hope of concieving naturally? Is there anything we can do to improve his results seeing as they are so poor.

    Thank you
  • Hi Wanna-Bump. It's always difficult to answer questions like this when I don't know your age. However you have only been trying since May which is quite a short time. Certainly your lives do seem very stressful and anything you can do to include relaxation techniques will be beneficial. It seems lifestyle-wise that you are doing a lot to improve your chances. Do also look at your weight - if you are over or under weight it may have an impact on your cycle. If you have concerns about your cycle and spotting, make sure you have an up to date smear and it may be worth seeing your GP to get some bloods done especially to check your Progesterone levels. It is difficult to work out your fertile time when your cycles are erratic as it will change from month to month so it's important to have sex at least three times a week to ensure a steady flow of sperm up into the fallopian tubes. It can take time for cycles to return to become regular following the removal of an implant and also stress can disrupt cycles also. If you find you are not pregnant by the end of the year and you have been having regular sex it is worth going to see your GP for further investigations. Hope this helps... Zita
  • Hi Lorimum22...This is so difficult for you. I have seen this happen many times and some women respond differently to others. I am the eternal optimist and you have to be as positive as you can be. You have nothing to lose at this point. If you give me your address I will send you a CD on visualisation in early pregnancy to help you stay calm and relax...Zita
  • Hello Samsa...You need to be guided by what your health professionals are saying to you. Also it depends on how long you have been trying for...Your partner needs to look at diet and lifestyle. He should have a sexual health check, take multi-vitamins and minerals that include Omega 3 (there are many on the market) and never say never. Don't not do IVF because you are afraid of it as it can be a very positive way forward if the sperm doesn't improve. Zita
  • Hi Zita, I had a little girl a year ago today after 4 months of ttc, I was delighted and surprised as I have endometriosis so thought it might be difficult.
    Now we are ttc again but my cycle is still quite irregular since my first baby. (I was breadtfeeding for 8 months). Im nearly 30. Is it normal for cycles to take so long to get back to normal? Im a little worried now and really want another baby image
  • Thanks Zita,

    But could you tell me whether you think the number should double in 48 hours or 48-72?
    Also, is a brown smear really that bad? I have no cramping. Sorry to ask again, but I really do respect your opinion x
  • Hi Zita,

    I am 25 and came off the pill November last year - to begin with my cycles were 28 days but since starting to try to conceive in May, my cycles have been getting longer. They can be 35 days but I am currently on day 27 with no sign of ovulating. I think it may be down to stress as I do suffer with anxiety a lot. What can help to regulate your cycles? I worry about using a lot of the the products because I am aware you need to stop before ovulation and I am not always sure when this is. We try to have regular sex throughout my cycle and are both healthy otherwise. Thank you.
  • Hi Zita,

    I'm 36 have bee trying for number two for just over a year. I have had two day 21 tests and both showed my progesterone level was low although the second was higher at 23 nmol. I was just told to go and try for two more months before I could be referred. No luck.

    Could 23 nmol indicate that I did not ovulate? My GP suggested that stress was the cause [I've just moved house] but could stress cause that much of a drop in progesterone levels?
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