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  • What are the current top 5 names for both boys and girls, plus just out of interest do you know what they are in the US?
  • Welcome to today's webchat Georgina Wintersgill will be online very shortly to answer your baby name queries...
  • Hi everyone,
    I'm here, ready to answer all your baby names queries.
    Look forward to chatting.
  • Hi Claudia,
    Good to hear from you. The top five UK boys' names are currently Jack, Oliver, Thomas, Harry and Joshua; the top UK girls' names are Olivia, Ruby, Emily, Grace and Jessica. To check out the full list, go to For US names, go to
  • hiya, there is a few names i like that h2b doesnt, how would you say is the best way to compromise a name? and find something that we both like? x
  • Hi again Claudia,
    I've just checked out the US list and it's quite similar to the UK one. The top five US boys' names are currently Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Joshua and Daniel; the top US girls' names are Emma, Isabella, Emily, Madison and Ava.
  • Hi I have the same prob as *ME* hubby and I just cant agree, I like modern US type names like - Madison, Bryce or Jenson and he likes traditional English ones like Thomas, Henry or Emily. Any good tips on how to compramise?
  • do you think its good to have a couple of names to hand before you decide on what the baby should be called,as most people seem to say 'wait until baby is born they might not look like a bla bla'
  • Hi Me,
    You say that you're finding it difficult to find a name that you and your partner both like. I had this problem too (as my husband wanted to name our unborn child after a West Brom footballer - whichever sex it was - sigh).
    There are various things you can do. I came up with a 'longlist' of all the names I liked and said my husband could choose something off it! Of course if you have totally different tastes, he may refuse all of your suggestions! If this is the case, perhaps you could choose the first name and he could choose the second (or vice versa), or you could choose this child's name and he could choose the next, or - if you aren't planning to find out the sex - you could choose the name if it's a girl, and he could choose the name if it's a boy...
    Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • hahaha a footballer, h2b hasnt thought of that one yet! will keep that quiet i think. ok yeah that sounds good, i will write a list....wheni get my BFP anayway image thanks x
  • Hi DottyDarling,
    You say that you like modern names and your husband prefers more traditional ones.
    Hopefully my answer to 'Me' will have helped a little bit, but here's another suggestion. One really nice trend that's come over from the US is to give surnames as first names: often this will be a family name. It's really nice for boys, but often works well for girls, too - eg Taylor, Harley, Cassidy, Riley etc. So perhaps you could satisfy your husband's traditional tastes by coming up with a family surname to use as a first name!
    Another option that's very fashionable at present is to give a child a shortened version of a traditional name - Archie, Alfie, Milly etc.
    Hope you can find something you both love!
  • hi both our grandmas have died in the last two weeks we want to add them to our babies name. We want to call her Ophelia Delores (my nan) Jenny (his nan) I love delores but am not keen on Jenny. I like the idea of Ophelia DJ tho. Should i just do it or find a way of omitting the Jenny? i feel really bad!
  • Hi, do you know of the meaning of the name 'Jacob' - in my baby names book it says 'usurper' (obviously from the biblical story Esau and Jacob). Usurper isn't a very nice meaning - do you know of any others?

    Thanks xx
  • Hi Grudie,
    Good to hear from you. You asked if it was a good idea to have a couple of names to choose from before the baby's birth just in case it doesn't look like a Winston (or whatever).
    Not everyone will agree on this, but personally I think it's a good idea to have a shortlist and choose 'the one' when you've finally met your baby. If you've decided on a name absolutely definitely before the birth, then it's difficult to go back on your decision (especially if you've told people!) You might want to go back on your decision if a friend (or a celeb) pipped you to the post and announced the birth of their baby with exactly the same name... or even worse, announced they'd just got a dog with that name! Also, remember that doctors sometimes get the sex of your baby wrong. It would be really upsetting to have bonded with a Tilly and suddenly be presented with a Timmy instead...
    However I know lots of people will disagree with me and say that choosing the name for definite helped them bond with the baby - and of course that's a valid reason!
    Hope this helps.
  • hi i just wondered my OH really likes the name memphis but would it be more for a girl or boy and is it very popular in the uk?
  • I really like the idea of naming my unborn daughter after a flower. Names like Poppy or Lilly are pretty but a bit too common for me these days. Do you know of any that might work that are a bit more original? Does Freesia just sound too weird?
  • haha i would be gutted if a friend called their dog after my son,were ttc or 2nd and have a few names i think were cert on,with our first we found the name we loved and stuck with it,but as you say im not sure i would have known what to do if A,he turned out to be a girl or B,he didnt look like a Lennon

    thank you will definitely keep what you have said in mind x
  • Hi Georgina. I keep hearing the name Juno around lately - do you know where it comes from and what it means? I quite like it! Thanks Ali
  • Hi Tattooed Monkey,
    Good to hear from you and I'm really sorry for the loss of both your grandmas recently.
    You say you and your partner would like to include both your grandmas' names in your baby's name, but you don't like your partner's grandma's name, and would prefer not to include it.
    This is such a difficult situation and I really sympathise. You want to be fair, but you don't want to give your daughter a name that you don't love!
    My personal opinion (and others may disagree!) is that you may upset the family if you honour one grandma without honouring the other. However, is there some other way of honouring your partner's grandma, as you don't like her first name? Do you know her middle name? Or what about her surname or maiden name - or even where she lived or somewhere she had a connection with (Devon, Iona)? As I said in an earlier post, it's now very fashionable to use surnames as first names. Of course that won't work with all names, but lots of surnames are lovely for a little girl - Taylor, Riley, Harley etc - and lots of place names can work well too.
    Hope you can find something that works. Best of luck!
  • Hi Georgina,
    I would like a name for our baby which is not too common, not going to date, but not too outlandish. The problem I am having is that when thinking about names I am concerned I end up thinking I like the unusual ones for their own sake but really I just like that they are unusual. I was wondering if you had any tips on choosing a NICE uncommon name that isn't going to date badly and that my child isn't going to end up hating me for?


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