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  • Hi Anya, how useful do you think complimentary therapies are (acupuncture, chinese medicine etc) when undergoing IVF?
  • Welcome to our IVF expert and mum of two Anya Sizer. Please post your questions now for Anya to answer over the next hour. Thanks Web Ed
  • Hi Sarah Bear

    I think ANYTHING you can do to help support and encourage yourself through fertility issues is as important as the treatment itself . People find different things seem to work for them but personally I think Nutritional support and stress management are key to coping . Ask around , look on message boards and get the support you deserve !

    Besty of luck

  • Hi Anya,

    Thanks for your advice. I find the boards at BE very useful for getting peer support and have started a diary to share my journey, get support from other ladies and hopefully be of use to other women in the future.

    The other question I wanted to ask was around managing expectations. I need IVF because treatment I have had for cervical cancer has left me with a blocked cervix, I am only able to have a single embryo transferred because I would be unlikely to carry a multiple pregnancy to term. My consultant hopes to transfer a single blast and has given me a chance of success of 75% if we get a top quality blast (I am 26 and healthy so he hopes this will be the case - my husband's sperm is also very good).

    The only trouble with this is that my family and husband almost see 75% as a 'done deal', whereas I focus on the 25% and think 'what if it doesn't work.'

    Do you have any tips for helping me manage my own and others exoectations?

    Sorry for long post!

  • exoectations = expectations. Sorry - typing quickly!
  • Hi Anya

    What is your view on how much time to take off work after embryo transfer? A lot of ladies on here seem to take the whole 2 weeks.

  • I just wanted to let you know that a lady has left a question in the live webchats section that I think she meant to put in here regarding AMH levels. Just thought it'd mention it in case you hadn't spotted it.
  • Hi there

    firstly so sorry , what a lot you seem to have been through already , you must be a strong woman .

    I can completely understand re the difficulty of staying positive and I would say firstly not to beat yourself up that you arent permanently on a " high " about treatment . You have enough going on without feeling stressed about stress !

    Fertility treatment is a tough thing to go through so start off knowing that you are doing the best you can in a tough situation and be KIND to yourself , you are doing well .

    Practically keeping a log of all the things you have going for you and carrying it with you can be a great tool , so for knowing your age , your stats , your husbands situation etc and then writing it all down in black and white in front of you can be very comforting and means you are focused on the truth of the situation rather than our emotions which are just feelings , however strong they may feel .

    Keep going and your friends and family are right in some ways ..you do have a lot going for you

    love Anya
  • Dear Debbie

    thanks for the question re the 2ww and time off .

    Basically medical experts and fertility specialists really vary on this sorry ! I personally think that the day of transfer plus maybe 1 or 2 after should be kept as peaceful as humanly possible ! Do things that are relaxing and nurturing . And then for the rest of the time a mixture of distraction and rest can be useful .
    There seems to be no evidence , unless in extreme circumstances that bed rest makes any difference .

    What is important is finding a way through the 2ww emotionally and there I think nice distractions are a positive .

    Love Anya
  • Hi Anya, here's the question from Tina K which was posted in the wrong thread (thanks for head's up Sarah Bear!)


    Just got results back for the AMH test and it was low at 2.6. Feeling a bit down and confused by it all. Have had many other blood tests and had a lap and dye a few months ago. Husband also handed in samples etc. All seemed fine until now....

    Is the low AMH level the reason I have not conceived so far?
    Or is this just to decide if I will get IUI or IVF and the likelihood of it being successful?
    Am I likely to get treatment by the NHS or is it more likely that I will have to go private?

    Any info would be great!
  • Dear Tina

    Thanks for the question re AMH levels .

    Both amh and Fsh tests are indications of Ovarian reserve and are there to give an overall picture of how you may react to IVF drugs . They need to be seen within the context of all other results and then analysed by the fertility specialist .

    Re NHS funding , it varys such a lot unfortunatley due to postcode lottery and whether your local PCT will fund treatment a lot .

    Dont panic , get the results together and then see what the prognosis is a a clinic .

    Many women with Ovarian issues do go on to have IVF children and I am one of them !

    Best of luck

  • Some ideas on how best to support yourself ...

    1) Realise that Infertility may well be one of the toughest challenges that life throws at you
    2) because of this be Kind to yourself , dont have unrealistic expectations of what you should/ shouldnt be able to cope with . It just IS tough !
    3) Be proactive about getting support , build a strong support team around yourself . A few friends and family , nutritional support , IVF support sites such as the Infertility network , acupuncture etc etc etc . Not everything works for everyone , bit what will work for YOU is hugely important
    4) Try not to loose sight of who you are outside the fertility box . You are still an amazing unique individual . You just happen to be going through a tough time externally .
    5) Keep your relationship strong and well looked after . Fertility issues can put a huge strain on a relationship . This is normal but again be proactive in doing anything to stay focused on the 2 of you .
    6) See IVF etc as a course of treatment not just a one off event . Sometimes it can take a while to create your family ...keep going
  • There is , believe it or not quite a bit of support out there for people facing Infertility You may feel like its just you , but honestly 1 in 6 couples are currently facing problems conceiving in the UK .

    I find the following helpful

    1) Infertility network UK for advice , support and understanding

    2) MENSFE.NET a male fertility site

    3) The Donor conception network for all aspects of raising a family through Donor conception

    4) The Daisy Network , for women with premature ovarian problems

    5) Acebabes for families following assisted conception

    6) The Happiness project , for ideas on how to stay positive

    7) Fertility road , a magazine re fertility support

    8) The message boards on Babyexpert , for sympathy and support

  • Have spotted another message from a member in the live webchats section that I think should have been posted here
  • Here it it Anya, from ClaireyLav (thanks again SarahBear7 - what would we do without you?!)

    Hi there Anya

    Can you tell me a bit about the physical preparation for IVF? What happens when? Thanks - C
  • Hi I have just seen a message in the other section regarding physical preperation for an IVF cycle .

    I think this is a question regarding what a cycle looks like ?

    Basically a cycle lasts betwwen 4-8 weeks depending on whether you are on a long or short protocol . The stages will vary but basically start with a shutting down of your hormones ( down regulation ) followed by a stimulation stage , then egg collection and then embryo transfer , then a 2 ww before testing can be done .

    In terms of preperation , if possible about 3 months before start to get your body and mind in best shape , healthy eating moderate exercise , upping your water intake and reducing your stress levels all will help when you come to that 1st cycle .

    I seem to have run out of time so do please get in touch to talk further if that would help !

    Love Anya
  • We've run out of time on our IVF webchat, so many thanks to Anya Sizer for joining us and offering such positive help and support! Web Ed
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