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Babyexpert's hugely experienced midwife Jenny Smith will be here to answer your pregnancy and newborn questions for an hour 12-1pm on Monday January 25. Jenny hosts a regular monthly webchat on Babyexpert.com.


  • Welcome to today's general webchat with BX resident midwife, Jenny Smith. Jenny will be here from 12pm so post your questions now...
  • Hi its Jenny here happy new year to you all and I'm looking forward to all your questions.
  • Hi Jenny,

    Great to have you here-I hope you might be able to put the mind of a new expectant mum at rest!

    I'm approx 3/4 weeks pregnant and have yet to have our EDD visit, but I'm experiencing awful cramps. I know these are normal and I'm not experiencing any spotting or bleeding, but is there anyway I can help to ease them without causing any damage to the baby and how long can I expect them to last?

    Many Thanks.
  • hi jenny,
    i'm going for my 12 week scan in an hour, and i'm so scared..... my motherr lost 4 babies, and i worry im going to loose this one. this is my 1st baby. we have been trying for 6 years...
  • Hi Velvet_Quilt,

    Often at this stage of pregnancy everything can be very congested in your womb due to increased blood supply in the area caused by the increased hormones and women can feel cramping. The good news is that you are not experiencing any bleeding if you get bleeding more then just a few spots you should contact your midwife GP or obstetrician. The best way to ease the cramping is to try to rest keep your body warm around your tummy and back with warm vests some women find a hot water bottle over some clothing be helpful make sure it is not too hot and not directly on the skin in case of burning. If possible it is best not to take any medication but if you feel you are very uncomfortable 2 paracetomol would be the safest.
  • Hi there, My neighbour is not rubella immune, and has recently discovered that she is pregnant. She is in contact with young children (babies and toddlers) nearly all day as part of her job. As she has not yet passed the 12 week mark, she hasn't revealed her preganancy to her employer, and this is a worry for her. What would your advice be please? Many thanks.
  • Thanks Jenny, that's great! I'm currently sat with a warm scented wheat pillow over my tummy which seems to be working, glad there's nothing to worry about!
  • Dear flo_jo,

    Try to keep your breathing calm remember you are not your mother and you will not necessarily experience the same difficulties it might be best for you to tell the ultrasound person of your fears so that they can take you threw the scan very gently explaining everything if you have not had any bleeding and you still feel pregnant all should be fine. Thinking of you really hope everything will be good. If all completely well try to enjoy looking at your little baby.
  • Hi Jenny
    What would you think the correct weight should be you start trying for a baby and get pregnant? I want to start trying now, but my partner thinks I need to lose weight first. I wouldn't say I was fat just a little over weight I have a bmi of 27. Would you say it is hugely important to be totally slim first? I am trying to loose weight but find it hard as I have POCO. Any advice would be great... thanks
  • thanks jenny, i'm feeling a bit better now. ive been told to drink water. how much is best so i'm not too needy for the loo!!!! mum's miscarage's are in my notes and they are all ready to go with us....
  • Hi Jenny

    I am 20+4 with baby number 4. I had reletively easy pgs with my boys. This time I have an awful shooting pain down my lower back and into my hip. I had mild SPD with baby 3 from about 34 weeks. Is it this returning or just trapped nerves? Also I keep getting braxton hicks and I only have to walk up the stairs and it lasts for up to an hour - sometimes more, I dont think I can cope with that for another 20 odd weeks. Is there anything I can do to prevent or ease it? Thanks

    Elaine x
  • Hi jenny,
    I'm due today and there are absolutley no signs that baby will be coming soon! what can you suggest to try and get things moving. I'm really scared of being induced so want to get things moving soon.

    Michelle. xxx
  • Dear Rhian2,

    It is always difficult when women are working with children as part of there job in early pregnancy as obviously children do get illnesses my advise is to try to keep away from any child who develops a temperature by asking others to help before the child goes home as children can get ill at any time. It is important also if a child does go home to find out what is wrong usually only coughs and colds. Rubella is a notifiable disease. If at any stage your neighbor is worried she should go directly to her GP. The hospital will check her blood again and keep samples of blood during the pregnancy if she is non-immune to rubella at any stage she can have a further blood sample taken which will let her know if she has been exposed to rubella. It is rare in pregnancy so it is very unlikely that you will be exposed (due to vaccines programmes) Try to reassure your neighbour if she has any worries to speak to her midwife at the booking in visit.
  • hya jenny, im having a c-section on 1st feb! after my second daughter i gain anixity issues and panic attacks, they have been under control for last year through councilling but im scared the op may bring them back.also could i ask is the recovery period longer on a 3rd section?
    sam 38weeks today!
  • Dear tink,

    As you have correctly said it does not matter which position your baby is lying at 32 weeks your description is very clear of the way your baby is lying and i am sure your are correct if the baby is transverse sometimes women can tell this by just looking at the tummy in the mirror as the tummy looks wider horizontally then upwards many babies will be in this position at 32 weeks. If your placenta is not low usually the baby will start to turn round and should be head (normal position) or breech (bottom down) by 36 weeks. If your baby has not turned after 37 weeks of pregnancy it is important to see an ostetrician and have an ultrasound scan this will confirm the position of your baby and will determine whether a ECV would be appropriate. To do a ECV you must have a placenta that is high up enough water around your baby to make it possible to turn and no cord around the babies neck. Sometimes this procedure does not work and if you are rhesus negative you will need antie D. Your baby will be monitored by scan during procedure and afterwards with a heartrate monitor.
  • Dear Alaina,

    Normal BMI is between 20 and 25 so as you have stated you are a bit above that level my advise would be if possible to try to loose a bit of weight prior to becoming pregnant. Some of my women have been helped before pregnancy with weight watchers classes or you can try to reduce fats and sugars and white bread in your diet which often can help quite a lot and replace it with good fruits vegetables proteins and grains. The reason why we recommend that you are not too overweight at the beginning of the pregnancy is that there is an increased risk of high blood pressure which sometimes can cause complications with mother and or baby in pregnancy you may find when you stop the contraceptive that you lose some weight because some women retain extra fluid with these hormones.
  • Hi JunieMummy,

    i can really emphathise with you as i felt like this with my fourth pregnancy because the womb has stretched a few times before and your ligaments are also soft and stretchy. It feels like the baby lies very low in your body causing much more aches and pains. Regarding your shooting pain from lower back to hip you must get this checked to insure you do not have a slipped disc it is fairly uncommon but i have picked this up a few times. Posture is very important particularly with your SPD keep your knees together when bending and when getting out of the car try not to abduct your legs too wide. Sometimes a maternity girde can help and physiotherapy. Before you have this see your obstetrian to insure you have not got a slipped disc.
  • I have so enjoyed speaking with you all look forward to hearing from you again soon I will finish your questions offline.
  • Dear Mrs butler,

    My recommendations are raspberry leaf tea lots of sex as semen has prostaglandin in it which softens the cervix and can help labour start. Pineapple hot currys and walks can also help. Hope baby comes soon.
  • Thanks again to Jenny for such an informative webchat. Please do not post any more questions.
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