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  • Hello Nicola & Cassie

    My partner & I 1st conceived in Oct 2008 we lost that baby & since then have suffered another 4 miscarriages, so 5 in total all under 12 weeks. We have been undergoing tests for recurrent miscarriage at our local hospital.

    I know it's not our fault this has happened and there are no guarantee's but is there anything you can advise that may help to prepare my body better for pregnancy or anything at all that I could try that may help us for future pregnancies.

    Thanks Laura.
  • Hi Nicola and Cassie,

    Im currently in an unhealthy BMI area, but since the New Year ive been cutting down on saturated fats, upping the fruit and veg (mostly with soups), and trying to go on longer walks with the dog.

    Ive started to buy organice meat, but i will use up whats in the freezer, and im drinking de-caf tea. Ive lost a bit of weight already-but i feel a lot better.

    However, i do live in a city and i feel that no matter how much i try to keep my body healthy (and eventually a baby) i cant control anything around me.

    Is there anything i can do that i can also fit into my new routine, or anything to help with the fact my enviroment isnt that great.

    Thank you
  • Hi Everyone

    We're online now so please feel free to ask your questions, we look forward to chatting with you.

  • Hello, I hope you can help. I'm just starting to try for a baby but suspect that I don't ovulate very regularly or reliably. I'm going to monitor it over the next few months, but are there any measures I could take in the meantime to try and improve ovulation?
  • Hi ya
    Could you give me a quick summary on how acupuncture could help me conceive? I'm interested but don't really know anything about it. Also could it help me lose some weight as I'd like to be in better shape when I do get pregnant?
  • Hi Cassie & Nicola,
    We're in our 2nd month of trying to conceive. I find the time running up to ovulation fine but the 2 weeks between ovulation and my next period are a nightmare. I am getting so stressed symptom spotting and wondering 'am I, aren't I?'.
    Have you got any suggestions to calm me down as I'm sure the stress can't help. Last night I got so worked up, my heart was racing.

    Thank you for your help,
    Minifig x
  • Hi Cassie & Nicola,

    Can you explain why you think it's OK to charge people for homeopathic remedies for conception problems when there is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy?

  • Hi Laura (laujai)

    Recurring miscarriage

    Recurring miscarriage within the first trimester may suggest low progesterone so if you haven't had your progesterone level tested you should have this done 7 days before your next period is due (ie: day 21 if your cycle is 28 days). For progesterone inbalance we recommend the homeopathic remedy called Vitex Agnus Castus 3x or alternatively you can buy it in the herbal tincture form. For pregancy to hold both a healthy egg and sperm is necessary so you may also want to consider a mineral and toxicity analysis to check your mineral levels and for any toxicity that may be affecting the egg or the sperm.
  • Thanks

    I've had progesterone checked but only on day cycle day 2-5.

    Can I find more info on your website about how to take agnus castus & mineral & toxicity levels as have never heard of this before.

    thanks very much.
  • Hi Sheila (HomeFairy)

    Healthy eating and reducing toxins

    Yes we know what you mean about the environment! That's great that you're cutting down saturated fats and it sounds like you're doing all the right things. Water quality and quantity is also really important. To minimise exposure to chemicals and xeno-oestrogens in the water you drink, ensure you drink bottled water from glass bottles only (as plastic bottles can also leach nasties into the water). We'd recommend drinking 2 litres a day to ensure your reproductive organs stay healthy and hydrated.

    Nicola & Cassie
  • Dear 778yotgirl


    It is possible to have a period every month but not be ovulating so monitoring your ovulation for atleast 3 cycles will help you to know either way. If you do find a problem then Homeopathic treatment alongside healthy eating a good multi vitamin and mineral specifically for fertility can help.

    Cassie and Nicola
  • Thank you so much!

    very helpful,
  • Dear Alaina_10


    I'm afraid we don't use acupuncture within our specific treatment, which includes homeopathy, mineral & toxicity testing, nutritional supplementation, ovulation monitoring and lifestyle advice. Like homeopathy, acupuncture is a natural holistic form of medicine. You can find out more about acupuncture on the British Acupuncture Council website.

    Nicola & Cassie
  • Hello,

    My HB and I have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. I have a low AMH and a FSH of 15, which the Docs are saying indicates toward low ovarian reserve.

    That said I ovulate every month and have been put on hormone injections to mature my eggs a little better which had had good results but no pregnancy yet.

    We are now considering IVF which unfortunately we will have to pay for ourselves as we don;t qualify for NHS help due to my FSH being too high for their criteria.

    Is there anything I can do to assist the IVF or anything that can help my FSH lower??

    Many Thanks

  • Hi Ladies,
    I had a miscarriage in Feb and no period since. Follwoing tests I have been diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed Provera to bring on a bleed. I started taking this 5 days ago.

    I have also been prescribed Clomid (50mg) which I will start once I have a bleed.

    Can you advise me of anything I can do to increase my chance of conception and a successful pg afterwards?

    I am currently taking Pregnacare Conception and my hubby is taking Wellman and fish oils.

    Many thanks!
  • Dear Minifig

    Stress and post ovulation period

    We understand how stressful it can be when trying to conceive but if you've only been trying to conceive for 2 months you need to give it atleast 6 months as it often takes a while.

    Stress and anxiety can send your hormones out of balance but we realise staying calm is easier said than done so to help you, you could try the Austrailian Bush flower essences as they are great for those anxious moments and work beautifully for calming and reasuring. There are a few different ones eg: Calm and Clear Essence which is great for aiding relaxation.

    Cassie and Nicola
  • Dear upthestick

    Homeopathy evidence

    There have been a number of studies into the efficacy of homeopathy in the treatment of infertility. A couple you could look at are:

    1. Bergmann J et al. The efficacy of the complex medication Phyto-Hypophyson L in female, hormone-related sterility. A randomized, placebo-controlled clinical double-blind study. Forsch Komplementarmed Klass Naturheilkd. 2000 Aug;7(4): 190-9.

    2. Gerhar I, Wallis E. Individualized homeopathic therapy for male infertility. Homeopathy. 2002 Jul;91(3):133-44.

    Nicola & Cassie
  • Dear Nicola and Cassie,

    Thanks for your reply. I looked at the first study you suggested (and the only one dealing with female infertility). The summary specifically states "However, there was no significant effect when viewing the whole group".

    The second citation was not a clinical trial - and its summary specificallly states ""For further investigation, a randomised, therapy-controlled clinical study with parallel group design would be useful".

    Is that the best evidence you have?

    What about fertility treatments for women where the cause of sterility is not hormone-related?


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  • Thank you for the suggestions,
    Minifig x
  • Dear babyhope

    Ovarian reserve and IVF

    We have seen clients with high FSH levels and following a course of homeopathic treatment their next test has shown a considerable reduction in their FSH level. It's difficult to give a definitive answer on this subject though, as it will vary from person to person and we would need more information about your individual case in order to help.

    To support IVF, tailor-made homeopathic treatment can help you have the best possible chance of success. To assist implantation a combination of the Australian Bush Flower Essences Bluebell, Pink Flannel Flower, She Oak and Bush Fuschia can be useful.

    Nicola & Cassie
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