Baby development webchat Mon 13 July 12-1pm

Join us here for a baby growth and development webchat TODAY with Doreen Crawford, Senior Lecturer Children's Nursing, and Moira McLean, Senior Lecturer Midwifery, both joining us from DeMontfort University. Doreen helped devise the new centile growth charts for UK babies. This chat is now open for questions. Web Ed Alison

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  • Hi there,
    My baby boy is 9 weeks old today and for the last 2 weeks he is fighting daytime naps and just wants to be held sitting upright all day long, facing me with me chatting away to him. He is not interested in any toys and hates his playmat & bouncy chair. He also doesn't like to be propped up on cushions. I'm worried that he should be starting to show an interest in things now, but he clearly isn't bothered. Is this normal or can I do things to help him along? He was born 16 days early but was a healthy weight of 7lb 10ozs and is now 14lb 1oz so is growing well.
    Thank you
  • Congratulations your baby sounds lovely doing exactly what he should do very clever recognising that mum is the most secure and entertaining!Better than any toys , As to propping up dont rush this he willdevelop and come to enjoy this in his own time .By about 16 weeks his spine is sufficiently supported by muscles to allow this safely
    Enjoy this special time sounds as though he and you are doing well!
    Best wishes
    Moira and Doreen
  • Thank Moira. I suppose I was worried how someone could find me that interesting to want to look at all day long. At least I know now it's normal and he's doing ok.
    Thanks again
  • Hi Doreen and Moira,
    I'm having big problems getting my baby to start drinking from a beaker - is it really important to make this switch from a bottle or should I just go to an open cup? I had big problems making the switch from breast to bottle too when he was about six months old. I think I've got a stubborn one!
    Thanks for any advice?
  • Hi There

    I'm just wondering about these new baby grow charts. I'm a little worried my baby will not fit the guide-lines. He was 10lbs when he was born and is still big boy now. I'm now bottle-feeding him as I had problems with breastfeeding. Since I've gone onto the bottle he is much more settled and content. I realise it is also down to genes, but what can I do make-sure he stays within the chart guidelines and is a healthy as he grows and has a good BMI as he grows up?


  • Hi, my little lady is 6 weeks on Fri - born at term with a very relaxed, no pain relief water birth....and weighed 6 lb14....

    since coming home she has always made loud noises whilst in a light sleep and these can last up to an hour before deep sllep and before she wakes!...keeping her very tired mummy awake longer than she needs! ..sometimes, although not always the noises include grunting...when I watch her she makes the noidse from her nose rather than throat....she doesnt stop breathing or anything. HV says nothing to worry about but its very loud!!

    also she will only nap at length during the day when being pushed in her pram or laid on mum or dad's chest - she hates being flat in her moses basket but does sleep in it on a night time?! is this normal for her to be extremely fussy?! thanks

    (typing one handed as she sleeps now!)
  • Hi, my daughter is now 12 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. I was taking her to be weighed weekly in the beginning and after losing an initial 3oz in the first week (she was 5lbs 8 at birth) she started putting on weight at a really good rate, and is jumping centiles! Am i over feeding her? She feeds every 2 hours for about 20-30 mins each time, and occasionally if she seems over hungry i give her a bottle of EBM, she'll take 6 oz. should i be worried about her jumping centiles or is this normal for smaller babies? She was 4 weeks prem.
  • Well done for breast feeding, you have a baby who knows his own mind, The trouble with beakers is that it is another new technique to learn and sucking with a bottle is so easy and can lead to dependence so you are right to change our advice would be small open beaker with two handles if possible half full so that when it flies accross the room you have less mess to mop up.

    Exciting times
    Doreen and Moira
  • Is it OK to be towards the top of the centiles after a slow start? I don't want to encourage her to overfeed and have obesity problems later on. She was tiny when she was born and has gone up from 12th centile at birth to 60th centile now she's six months. All thanks to breastfeeding!
    Any advice on how to read the centile charts would be great. Thanks
  • hi infoaddict
    Very sorry you had problems with breast feeding and you are right a large bottle fed baby might look at the top of the chart. Stay on first formula and do not be tempted to change despite the publicity and hype as to other milks being more satisfying. Do not be tempted to early weaning. Size is no indication as to how well your baby's tummy can digest "solids"

    Genes are so influential as you so rightly know don't diet your baby and please don't push extra milk when he starts to slow down towards the end of a feed.

    Often babies go out before they go up and a "tubby stage" and will often go as they get active. Rolling pulling themselves up and then you will have lots of other worries !!!!!!!!!!!!

    When weaning lots of fruit and veg you might have to be quite determined here as they sometimes are not babies favourites and avoid developing preference to sweets , fats and starches.

    Remember they are ONLY guidelines and not prescriptions

    Enjoy him
    Doreen and Moira.
  • Hi bon79
    Fantastic birth, how good are you!
    Baby sounds fine, yes understand that snuffles grunts and groans are a worry and may keep you awake however as she settles into a pattern when she needs something more she will certainly shout louder. As long as your baby is pink while grunting etc there is every chance that there is a family trait of snoring.

    Don't be tempted to put her into a bedroom on her own till she is about a year old however disturbing she is at the moment you would probably get less sleep if she was down the hall!

    Your baby has discovered the warmth and comfort of being held and the reassurance of a heartbeat which will remind her of her time in the womb. The rocking motion of being in the pram (or a car) will also remind her of this.

    Not fussy (lovely) and very clever to be so discerning .

    Moira and Doreen
  • Hi, my daughter is now 12 weeks old and exclusively breastfed. I was taking her to be weighed weekly in the beginning and after losing an initial 3oz in the first week (she was 5lbs 8 at birth) she started putting on weight at a really good rate, and is jumping centiles! Am i over feeding her? She feeds every 2 hours for about 20-30 mins each time, and occasionally if she seems over hungry i give her a bottle of EBM, she'll take 6 oz. should i be worried about her jumping centiles or is this normal for smaller babies? She was 4 weeks prem.

    Hi Linz81
    Fantastic you are doing such a good job . It is not possible to over feed breast fed babies .She is clearly catching up with her growth and this will gradually settle
    Why the bottle EBM and why not put her to the breast as this will further stimulate milk supply . As I am sure you know breast milk changes as the baby getts older and ebm from a few weeks ago might not match her needs now
    But keep going she will regulate her own intake!Thats why breast fed babies are less obese as they get older .
    best wishes
    Moira and Doreen
  • Hi,

    My daughter Molly was born weighing 10lbs 14ozs so on the top line of the chart, apparently i had a very large placenta that may have been over feeding her. Anyway she is breast fed and she dropped down the chart thoughout the months down to the 9th centile. The only advice i was given was for me to eat more calories which i felt i was. Even when weaned she didn't gain great amount of weight between fortnightly weigh ins. I made all her meals so was advised to add cream, butter and feed her things like custard etc. I did this and she has come back up the charts and has settled on the 25th centile.

    She is very long and skinny and i think she was never meant to be as heavy as she was at birth. She now weighs 17lbs 9.5ozs at 9 months and is very long (haven't had her length done for a while but she was over 70cms a couple of months ago) on the 91st centile.

    On the new charts is 17lbs 9.5 ozs at 9 months for a girl a satisfactory weight. I am always made to feel bad my my health visitor.

    She has never had formula or even a bottle i am very proud of this and hope to reach my 12 month target for breast feeding.


  • OMGIamamum
    The guidelines - and they are ONLY guidelines were collated from data harvested accross many continents and averaged. They are welcome as they reflect the growth patterns of breast fed infants and not formula. What we want to say is well done your baby obviously appreciated the benefits of breast milk.. The charts are average and so few are!!!! they are not really designed for the small and the premature as these infants write their own rules. as she is weaning now breast milk should still form a significant part of her diet. There is less risk of obesity in the breast fed infant as the balance of nutrients is so perfect.
  • Thanks for that, Doreen. It's very easy to get obsessed with what 'the rules' say babies should be doing instead of trusting your instincts and knowing your own baby is doing fine.
  • Please no more questions now as we have reached 1pm. Many thanks for all your questions - and thanks too to Doreen and Moira for sharing their time and expertise with us today.
  • Hi El pinko
    First thing first !
    Yes you did have a large baby so of course she needed a large placenta to nourish her and you ably provided this just as you are ably providing her nourishment by continuing to breast feed
    Not to frighten you but larger than average newborns are associated with gestational diabetes these babies are flid filled and overgrown they rapidly loose weight and this may be why you struggled to begin with meeting the "targets"
    So make a note if you plan any further pregnancies being tested for diabetes would be an idea . Make an early link with your midwife
    The advice you recieved from your hv was a little unusual and we would normally reccommend a more balanced diet as we feel your baby (forgive us!) is a banna baby as opposed to apple or pear shape!
    Youare great your baby is doing fine remember charts are only guidelines not tablets of stone
    Weight is jus one of many indications of a well and normally developing infant
    We applaud your committment and love your banner
    best wishes
    Moira and Doreen
  • Thanks for that, was monitored for gestational diabetes as Molly is my second baby and my son was 9lbs 2.5ozs at birth (2 weeks late) but wasn't found to have it.

    I don't plan on having anymore babies especially if they keep getting bigger!!! :lol:

    My son is 2 years 10 months old and 3'3" tall (100.5cm) so i think she will just be a lovely long legged lady when she is older!

  • Many thanks for so many interesting questions we have enjoyed "meeting you all" we think you are all fantastic MUMS. Key messages are - have confidence and faith in breast feeding be flexible and guided by your baby and remember that weight is only one indicator of a well (or otherwise) baby. The charts are a new a useful tool and it will take time for everyone to get adjusted
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