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I am so stressed out about money whilst being signed off

I have been informed today that I will not qualify for housing benefit unless I am successful with my disability living allowance claim which will take another two months for the decision to be made. It means that we can cover our rent and priority bills only and leaves us with no money whatsoever in our pockets for food and household items - which whilst 22 weeks pregnant is rather a worry. I have worked full time for 18 years but am now receiving statutory sick pay only due to complications and severe SPD - I had this before my pregnancy due to trauma, but is a lot worse since the pregnancy. The doctor will not sign me back on until after the baby is born and has prescribed rest etc.. However the worry about money is seriously stressful. I am 37 and have had 3 miscarriages previously upto 15 weeks, and a history of endometrosis and PID so to get this far is a miracle to me and especially as we were down to have IVF!!! I really do not want to compromise my baby's health but am so worried that the stress is going to affect her somehow and that the system only cares for babies and not the unborn child. Childless couples really do seem to be the harded hit and after 18 years of paying taxes I really do feel this is my hour of need. I am at the end my tether and do not know what else to do regards money during the last 4 months of pregnancy. Is there something I have missed??? Would be grateful for any help on this subject.


  • ps I am trying to find something simple on the side to earn a little extra until I am fit enough to go back to work properly - so any ideas there would also be appreciated.
  • Thanks for that - I am going to beg our landlady as we speak but am worried about getting too far behind. I guess I should be grateful the UK has a support system at all. I just need to calm down!! x
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