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not doing to good at the mo...........

well where do i start.... i have just became a full time student and money is very tight at the mo i am sponcered form my work to be a student so i have a full time wage but i now have to pay for full time child care and its very very expensive, i am doing some more shifts to help bring in a little extra money but it feels like no matter how much i earn its not enough my partner is working as much as he can to and that helps alot we are having to have a morgage break just so we can go on holiday!!!!! it will also let us have money for christmas so we dont have to worry about that at least, i dont know what else we can so im going to see someone at the uni about finances and if there is anything else i can claim???
its hard isnt it with children now ive had my moan X


  • haha, yes it is hard with children and finances! It's like you have a baby and you turn on a never ending dripping tap to your bank account!

    We have just taken a mortgage holiday for a month too just so we can get a bit more on track as we're in quite a bit of debt atm.

    I just have to keep reminding myself that at least we have a house over our heads and food on the table. Small comfort at times I know.....

    Good luck hon - hope things improve for us all soon!xx
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