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Money Worries!!


I know everyone goes through this, but its something I need some advise on, as I am not sure what to expect.
My partner is just past 6months (Baby due end-July), and I'm concerned about money, etc.
Due to my earnings we can only get the maternity leave pay, child benefit.
We are going to be renting a flat for ??500 a month, our total income including the benefits, etc to my wage is going to be about ??1800 a month.
Has anyone been in this situation I just dont know how much it will be for the baby during the first few months??
If this does not make sense please ask me to translate it better, I'm a confusing guy!!

Many thanks
Michael x x


  • I think you should be ok but it depends on how much you spend on other stuff like bills etc. I don't work and we end up with roughly the same amount each month. Our mortgage is a little bit more and we run two cars but neither of us smokes, we only drink at home with meals and we don't really go out (god we sound boring!) There is never much money spare and we've always spent it by the end of the month but we only ever run out if something big crops up unexpectedly. Newborn babies can be pretty cheap to run, breastfeeding makes a big difference as it means that you can feed them for free for up to 6 months and reusable nappies can work out cheaper than disposables. Most of the supermarkets sell nice clothes for babies really cheaply (Primark is good too) and for a summer baby you should be able to manage with a few less bits anyway. I think you'll be just fine, if you are used to two incomes it may come as a bit of a shock to start with but I don't think you'll be on the breadline just yet!
    Take care
    Kerry xx
  • Thanks for that!
    I'm the only one who drives out of us both and generally we dont have any bills apart from the mobiles and obviously now the usually gas, electric, etc.
    After working everything out bill-wise we should have about ??430 left after paying everthing off, including petrol and food. I expect this to change as the 'unexpected' bills always fly in every so often!
    I am paying off a loan thats ??230 per month which ends in October so I guess that means extra income come that time.
    Your reply helped alot thanks again, hope all is well your end!!

    Michael x x
  • I would also suggest buying some nappies etc now- or you could even buy vouchers where you do your grocery shopping from now until the baby is born as way of saving up extra cash (just be sure the expiry date will be ok tho.
    I would also advise signing up for reward cards like boots, sainsburys, tesco etc coz it can help a little.
    Also you can buy great baby stuff on ebay for less than the shops.

    Last thing I would suggest is try not to worry (easier said than done) I have three kids and can get by (just about) on ??200 a week for everything apart from rent.
  • Hi i agree sign up for all the parent and baby clubs at your local supermarkets,and sign up at as many baby websites as you can as you will recieve money off vouchers and free samples,i also suggest Ebay,i got almost all my babies things and clothes from here and cant believe how cheap decent things are going for,as you drive you can even save abit on postage by collecting yourself!
  • Every family with a child is entitled to the Child Tax Credit too, so make sure, once bubs is here, that you apply for that too!!! You get extra for the 1st yr too!
  • we also found that you don't go out nearly as much once you have a baby which saves quite a bit. the idea of a hangover is absolute hell when being bounced on by a teeny! and if this is your first baby you are bound to be bought loads of stuff!

    most baby things you can get second hand - check out freecycle for bags of clothes etc. when they are small they aren't really in the clothes long enough to wear them out.

    we manage on a lot less than ??1800 and our mortgage is bigger.

    lins xxx
  • hi guys i just thought id tel lyou about a website, its called freecycle as u can guess by the name everything is free, ppl place ads on the site for things they are giving away, i got most of my baby stuff from there and didnt cost a penny its surpising what pple give away.

    to get onto it you got to
    go to groups
    sign up
    then when ujve done that
    in the search bar type freecycle but put your town or county first eg. cambridge freecycle, or fenland freecycel.
    then away you go. if you need anymore help just email me on [email protected] if u cant do it ill set it up for you send u the details then u change the password. anything to help!!!
    good luck xx
  • Thx stacey ive just joined and will see what i can find lol....cant quite believe ppl are giving stuff away!
  • Hi Michael as someone has already mentioned look into child tax credit. also the rate for this and child benefit goes up slightly in april. I'm due a little after your partner in early august. Something we've been doing is there have been some sales on with winter clothes. So we've been buying them but in age 3-6 months cos thats how old he'll be then. I'm sure you'll both manage I know its hard to imagaine how much there going to cost us.
  • you could also apply for the Sure Start maternity Grant goole it. there are deadlines to get it in by but its ??500 if you qualify.

    good luck with the baby
  • Thanks everyone for their help. Been great!!
    Me and my partner have got lots of stuff ready for bubba such as nappies, clothes,etc...
    Family/friends have been great too with buying big stuff like prams, car seat, cot, etc image

    Got ourselves prepared with the benefits too, its just a matter of waiting for baby to be born and things will get rolling!!
    Thanks again and good luck with all of you too, all the best Michael image x
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