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tenancy agreements

hi, im 14 weeks pregnant and also have a 7 yr old! i rent privately and have a fixed term tenancy that doesnt end until january! i am due in november and the house we are living in is too small for another baby! does anyone know if i have any rights to cancel the tenancy early without being liable for rent until the end of tenancy!help!


  • As far as I know if you have signed until Jan then no theres no way out of not paying the rent if you move................Unless you have a nice landlord and can talk to him about it!
    we rent privately and my landlord would probably let us leave early if he had new tenants ready and waiting to move in, so he wasnt out of pocket!!!
  • Hi, Saw your post as I was logging in. I do have a little dealing with tenancy agreements although not on a huge scale. If you back out of the tenancy before January the landlord is entitle to pursue you for the rent until the end of the term. I would suggest speaking to your landlord he may have other properties he may be willing to transfer the tenancy to but it is up to his good nature. There is a possibility that even if he hasn't, if he can find new tenants he would be prepared to let you out early. I would have a friendly chat explain your situation and see what he or she says. good luck, pm me if you want to x
  • I work for a lettings agent and as others said, you are in a fixed agreement and therefore liable to pay the rent for the full term of the tenancy. however, if you do tell your landlord that you are moving out then they have a responsibility to attempt to mitigate the loss - ie to try and find another tenant if reasonable for them - therefore if its a property they plan to rent out indefinately then thats what they need to do, but if they had plans say to move back in jan or whatever then that could be a problem.

    Best bet is to have a word with them - usually what we do is get our landlords to readvertise the property and find them new tenants and the old tenants are liable up till the date the new tenant moves in. Only thing is that if a landlord uses an agent and has to pay them fees for setting up new tenancies then they would likely expect you to pay their fees as part of the agreement to release you from the tenancy.

    Hope that helps - I'd say the best thing to do is to have a chat with them as often landlords can be quite reasonable about these things.
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