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hope we can do it

i have decided to stay at home as long as possible after baby born.mainly cos i qwant too,and because i work shifts 12 hrs, so this could prove interesting.
my hubbie and are saving ,money towads morgage and to buy baby stuff,before i stop work.
trouble is im worried,as once bills painad food bought we will be living off my mat pay which is 112.75 a week,until his money goes up 5 months after baby born.
can i survive on this, i no there are nappies and other things as we go that will need buying,so i just hope we can cope, and also it would be nice to actually have some cash for us too. am i worrying over nothing? im sure there are people on less.


  • Hi
    We didn't save, and I have given up a very good job. I was the higher earner out of the two of us. I won't lie, it is tough but you do manage.
    I weighed up my priorities and being a Mum to my daughter 15mths and due again in Sept is everything.
    Is this your first? You'll be amazed how little you do actually need.
    I have no doubt that I am doing what is right for hubbie, myself & the girls. Time goes by so fast before you know they'll be at school and work will be found then. So don't worry yourself, enjoy your blessing, and hey will you miss those shifts?

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