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Hi, I'm a full time mum of three. I have a very lively boy of 6years and two girls aged 4 and 2.
I was wondering if anyone had any advice to get me out of a rutt. Im feeling pretty low to be honest and cry alot of the time over the silliest things.
We are unfortunatly going through a debt management program at the mo and my husband has an awful exwife who wants more maintance for her son (whos 12years old. we all ready pay as much as we can from a previous court order from her) and they are going through a huge court case.So as you can imagine things are really tense at home.
I have been looking for work but with three children child care would be a huge cost and i doubt i could earn enough to cover this.
Im also getting really worked up about the fact that its affecting my son, he fights with his dad constantly especially over me.
My life is a mess and I just dont know which dirrection to go to help things along, I live in a small village in derby so theres not much support available as i dont drive. I have no family near but we dont really get along because they hate my husband.
So here i am asking and hoping that someone may have a suggestion or advice.
Thanks for taking time to read this.
Happy new year


  • hi ya im not sure i can offer any advice really but i can b a shoulder to cry / someone to talk to i have three kids to 10 year old 4 year ols and a 8 month old lil boy so i know how hard it is with the kids especially when you r having money worries a few yaers ago myself and my husband tried to go through debt management but decided bankrupcy was the best way for us really as only he was working and not bringing in much money in the end though we split up cos the arguments over money and the depression was too much so he then done bankrupcy on his own we have now got back together things r still tough but we get by now so i also now wot its like to have money problems i can only say it will get better look on the bright side you have 3 lovely kids and you have to stay strong for them im here if you need to talk or just moan ok xx
  • Thankyou so much for your reply.
    I'm really happy for you that you and your hubby are working things through.
    I've had a good couple of days with my kids as my hubby is working 12hour shifts so its just been me and the kids, they have definatly made me see that what I am feeling afects them in such a huge way. Michael (6years) was very upset while I was really struggling to keep myself togerther, he really played up, that alone snapped me out of the rut i was deeply in. your right at the end of the day the kids are the best thing in the world, money is essential but having just enough to cover the basics is going to have to be enough for now. I do feel guilty that i cant go to the zoo or cinema with them and buy them treats and toys but then looking at it the other way they are extremely happy just going to the park with a happy mummy.
    The court case i mentioned in my last post is due at the end of the month and really everything is riding on how that turns out. They have been divorced for 8 years and she does this money thing every few years except this time we are in debt management and and its turning into a full blown war between them. I am hoping that things work out in everyones interest so this chapter of our lives can move on and hopefully be a little less stressful.
    Thanks again for your reply.
    hope things are all ok with you, have a good weekend
    Emma xx
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