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Im feeling the credit crunch! Ouch!!!!

Hi everyone

Im new to this site but looks interesting and good.

Like a lot of people I am currently starting to feel the credit crunch and as a stay at home mummy to 2 boys and as one has gone to school,.I think I should try and relief the pressure of hubby.

I just dont know what to do, everything I see you have to have experience in!!!

I did work from home a while ago for a charity as a fundraiser which was good and paid ok but mainly eve work and I was missing out on bed/bath with the boys.

I love children and babies and would like something in the field just not sure what, Im not qualified in the area so dont know where to begin (I am willing to learn though but would have to earn at the same time) did think about being a midwife but you have to have 2 A levels which I dont have but have heard of a maternity support worker but dont know how to go about it

I also have found I am more confident than I thought recently and thought maybe of teaching some classes in something maybe child/babies things again just not sure what.

Also I have just seen that Usborne is free for Sept but the school where my little boy goes only does scholastics and another woman does Phoneix would you let this put you off.

Pleae feel free to email me/pm me any ideas you have open to everything (sorry rushing now as hubby hasling me for use of the pc lol)

thanks everyone


  • Hi, I am in a similar situation and many of my friends are. We decided to stay at home with our children initially and now it's a really tought time to get back into the workplace. But I guess the key things is persistence, to never give up and one day will be yours where find your dream job where you can both learn and make money. It's out there, I'm sure.
  • Dont let it put you off that the school your little one goes to only does scholastic or that their is a phoneix rep nearby. I have been doing Usborne books for 4 months now & have just promoted to team leader last month. Since I started I have been really busy & most places I have approached have been really welcoming of the books even if they have other book fairs in throughout the year too. Schools are just one of the many places you can sell through or to. I have had great success doing day nurseries over the summer holidays when the schools were off. There are also various fairs & events locally where you could set up a stall & sell the books but also target people who are interested in maybe hosting a book party or even someone with connections to another school. I havehad quite a few enquiries from schools that I havent even been to regarding setting up a stall at their xmas fairs. Also mother & toddler groups & soft play areas are just a couple of other places you could sell at. The list really is endless. Check out my website for full details of this months kit offer & feel free to drop me a line for a chat. Its fantastic fun & fits in perfectly around family life or even a full time job.

    Hilary x
  • Hilary is right!

    I joined Usborne in Sept for the free kit and am already flying with it - mainly selling at groups that me and Max go to anyway!! Schools are a great way too but it doesn't have to be through a fair like scholastic offer there are other ways of getting in there too!

    I have to say in some ways I wish I had waited for the October offer on joining as for the ??38 joining fee you get a wopping ??158 of books!!!!! So that is a bonus as well books for your lo!!!!!

    Email me at [email protected] and I will tell you how I have found it getting started and I will get back to you with all the full info of what the offer is for this month. I am also joined to a fab usborne forum which has been loads of help for me getting started so I can give you the info on that too!

    Get in touch and getworking round your family and when you want to! image
  • Hi

    You can do an access to higher education course which depending on age you could to free and thats eqv to a levels just a suggestion but they have so many courses i know 19-25 get it free n 25+ if u get any benefits or oh earns less than 15500k a year or you could get a council grant or some pay in instalments hope it helps xx

    Tracey, Robbie n Caitlin xxx
  • Have you thought about childminding from home? =o)
  • hi just wondered if u've been to ur local job centre or phoned jobcentre plus to maybe enquire about 'new deal' which is a scheme they have to help get people who've been out of work a while and don't have any qualifuications, bit like an apprenticeship for adults.

    unfortunately to be a child minder from home u still have to have a registered child minders certificate and be registered with ur council, to do it from ur own home also means having tyo have saftey and risk assessments done on ur home whiich may mean that u have tpo make several 'improvements' to ur house

    hope this helps

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