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Any nannies at home with baby with no mat pay?

Hiya i'm new here, thinking of trying for a baby next year.

I am a nanny and wonder what i am going to do moneywise when i have a baby as i will be not be going back to work for the same family because the children are older now so will look to get a new job once my baby is old enough to take with me. So basically will have no maternity pay, is there anyone else in this possition and can you tell me what you get from the government. We would have my husbands wages and our savings but would be good to get an idea of what we would be entitled to.

many thanks!! :\)


  • Hiya,

    thanks for your reply. No i am not self employed, have been with the same family for years- can't believe how quick the time has gone!!. I will look into the advice you have given, thanks again x
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