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holiday pay while on mat leave?

after being on maternity leave since sept 07 i have decided nt to return back to work as i cannot have my old job back. but i have earned 60 hours in holiday pay to date, am i still entitled to it? if so i will write a letter asking for it. or am i only entitled to it if i was to return to work? x


  • Hi Hannah

    I recently sent a letter in to my work to give the my notice and when they replied they said I had accumulated 18 days holiday and they would pay me for them in the next pay run.

    I'm not sure if this is the procedure for every company or if mine were just being nice, I can't see them doing that out of the goodness of their hearts though if they didn't need to, they could have just kept quite as I hadn't even remembered about accumulating holidays whilst off on maternity.

    When I went back after Casper I'd got 27 days owing to me so I took them all between September when I went back and Xmas, it was great, felt like I was never there!!

    I've just tried googling some sites but they're not very clear, you are definitely still entitled to accumulate holiday hours/days whilst on maternity leave but I can't find anywhere that says they have to pay you for it if you don't return.

    Sorry I can't be much more help, hope you get it sorted. You could always try Citizens Advice.

  • Hi,

    You should be able to get some of it, it depends on your company and how long you worked there before going on maternity leave. It is definitely worth writing to them to see what they are prepared to pay you. Have you also included Bank Holidays in your calculation? You are entitled to be paid for these too. You can't lose anything by trying.
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