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£500 maternity grant,do we qualify/

:\?:\?:\?:\?Hi im new to this board and just need some advice.Does anyone know if we qill qualify for the Grant as it would be a big help.We get ??140 child tax credit a week and ??16.00 working tax credit a week.Some one said we would not as we get to much working tax.Any advice would be great xx


  • i only get ??10 a week tax credits and no working tax credits, we got around ??600 and something last year in total as lo was under 1 for part of the year... i applied as it says u just have to get more than the basic child tax credit - that being 535 (approx and if child over 1) or 1000 and something if bub under one.

    anyway much to my surprise i got a letter saying i was entitled to it as i got more than the basic amount. your circumstances sounds like you would def get it. apply anyway, as mrs rich says its worth apply - i didnt think i should get it but there we go!

    el x
  • Thnaks for this, sounds like we're pretty much in the same situation as you el-07 - I wasn't sure whether we'd qualify but it sounds like it's definitely qorth applying. I'm not quite 29 weeks yet though (3 days to go!) so can't yet - but I'll definitely look into it some more.

    I've had a look through my paperwork from the Tax Credits people to check how much we get but seem to have so many bits of paper with different amounts on, it's a bit confusing! Think I'll give someone a call
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