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Any advice please


This is the first time I have used this fourm.

I am currently 7 weeks pregnant with my second child. My dd is 10 months. I was working and went on maternity leave with Freya and have gone back to work since. We are now moving and I have to give up work and won't be getting any more employment as in theory oh should be earning more money. I was just wondering what I would be intilted to in maternity payments, if you see what I mean?? We currently get child benifits and child tax credits but not working tax as we earn to much and still would be earning to much if oh gets his pay rise.

Hope all that made sence, and someone can help out

Kerry, Freya and new bump


  • I'm not completly sure but if you're giving up your job I think that means that you don't get any maternity leave pay unless you were near the end of your pregancy and had holiday due you would possibly be able to take your holiday then go straight onto maternity leave from the earliest date then you'd get your full materity pay and just not go back to work.

    Good luck hope you work it out
  • hiya, it depends how much work youve done since being pregnant, if you have worked for at least 26 weeks in the 15months before your due date, and you have to have earnt at least ??30 a week. it is kinda complicated but if you go to your local job centre they will be able to give you the forms you will need and tell you if you will qualify


    Shel x
  • because you are only 7 weeks gone it will be nothing for the maternity payments as you need to have worked at least 26 weeks by the 15th week of your pregnancy x
  • i'm going to sound like i work for these people i've recomended them so many times - but honest i don't. try put in your earnings (or what they will be) and it will calculate your entitlements. it will also offer advice on what else might be out there for you.
    if the child tax credits you recieve are above (or will be above) the basic rate then you will be entitled to a ??500 sure start grant or maternity grant i think its called. we don't receive working tax credit but were still (only just!) entitled to the grant because we receive just above the basic child tax credit level.
    best of luck. its a really hard time financially but you've paid your taxes so get the help you are entitled to.
  • Hello all and thank you all for your replys. I know I won't be intilted to maternity leave as I will 17-18 weeks pregnant when I leave. I will go onto the website suggested after I have done this. I always thought that if you earn too mush to claim working tax then you earn too much to claim the sure start maternity grant.

    Thanks again, sorry for late reply.

    Kerry, Freya and new bump
    X X X
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