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How easy is it to get a job whislt being pregnant?

Im 5 months pregnant and have been unfairly dismissed due to being pregnant, i have taken some time off as i have only just started feeling energetic and the sickness has stopped, but i would like to either , get a part time job untill december, as its thrown our money plans out the window. Does anyone know if its easy to get employed at this stage or maybe a job from home if anyone would like to point me in the right direction... feel a bit lost !!



  • Sorry this caught my eye, I cannot help with your actual question re: getting a new job but I hope you dont mind me asking but 'I hope you are taking them to a tribunal?' If you were genuinely dimissed due to being pg, then it is illeagal and you have a case (I know this area very well as I went thro this with SIL and helped her win her case and a lot of money).

    Em x
  • yea my mum has helped me i have sent them a letter but they havent replied so now i have to do that form on the inet for the tribunal thingy,

    but to be honest its straight over my head i was so shocked but any advise would be much appreciated

    my bosses words were ' your heads not in the right place because your pregnant so i will have to terminate your contract' that was after they handed all my work to the new girl the previous day who was suposed to be there ready for my mat leave, so he told me to leave that day at 12pm it was soo embarrasing! and it has totaly stressed me out (finance wise) which i read that if im stressed out the baby gets stressed which freeked me out even more! lol its not an english company but i worked the there offices here and because im young i think they thought i would just leave

  • firstly, do NOT let your a$$ of a boss get away with this, sue him, you will get a decent pay out, what an..... argh now im angry !

    register with they are a big agency and cover lots of jobs [you dont say what you do] and its easier to get temp work than permanent jobs, and you wil still get MA from the government and your ex boss will have to pay you compensation.
  • oh yea i never thought of reeds! thankyou! i know its so annoying they wont send me my p45 and said they were gonna pay me untill august but didnt lol

    all i can do is giggle about it right nowotherwise i would constantly cry!

    cheersfor the advise guys!

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