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Few quick questions re tax credits

Hello all,

Just a quicky - do they back date the payments the same as child benefit from when lo was born? I'm only just doing the forms now and lo is 8 weeks old, so we could have missed out on a bit of money if they don't. Just wondered if anyone knew the answer?

Also, have done the form in blue ink and it clearly says in black - shall I send it off anyway or get another form?

Any finally, am looking at my p60 for the figure I earnt last year, the bottom figure is - say 20,000 but then it says tax - 4000 do i take that off the 20k or not for the form??!!

And how long does it take for them to pay you/send you confirmation of what you get?

It seems sooooo silly to have to call them up after Ive got the 1st payment to tell them Im on mat leave - they should incorporate that into the form!!

So confusing!

Thank you xx


  • Hi Claire,

    Unfortunately we don't qualify for tax credits image but I do know the answers to a couple of your questions, I think!

    Tax credits can be backdated automatically to the birth of a child (max of 3 months as far as I know)

    The figure you need to quote would be the gross (pre deductions) earnings, so in the example ??20,000

    Personally, I think I'd complete another form or go over it in black ink to avoid any delays!

    Hope this helps hun,

    Em xx

    40 weeks today!
  • Hi,
    How I understand it is that Child Tax Credits are based on an estimate of your income ( & partners) for this tax year, up to 5 April 2010. I'm on maternity leave & I've estimated I'll earn ??5500 less this year. I rang them up & gave them info. I'm now getting ??850 more tax credits.
    It may be worth giving them a ring. Make sure you have all your details to hand & an estimate of what you will earn up to April, before deductions. They may be able to take your application over the phone. Don't under estimate your earnings as you will have to pay it back next year.
    My son was born 2 Feb, I got my first payment 11 March.

    Hope this is some help.
    Yvette x
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