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Going from full to part time work

Hi all. I'm thinking of going back to work after my maternity leave ends in January. I've worked out that it will mean a ??500 wage difference (before deductions) and am struggling to decide what to do. I want to spend as much time with my lo as possible and just do 3 days a week in work. I'm a primary school teacher and am wanting to get rid of some of the pressure of the job plus marking, planning and paperwork etc. Does anyone know how it will effect my child tax credits if at all?

Michelle and Lydia


  • Hiya,
    It mainly depends on hwo much your partner/husband earns, if you have one. Unless he is extremely well/poorly paid, it's unlikely to effect them - it didn't for us anyway (I could be wrong on the figures, but I think I was told that it's between about ??23k and ??70k ish that it makes no difference).
    I can understand you not wanting to work f/t, I certainly didn't and am still searching for a p/t job to suit me and my LO! I'd rather not work at all and sacrifice all luxuries than go back and miss all of the 'firsts', they're only young once!
    HTH, if you're unsure you could ring them, I found them really helpful on the phone,
    Corinna x
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