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Twin's. Need help on everything. Housing, items to buy,

Hi, i'm the father.
We have just been confirmed that we are having twins.
My wife and i work full time. Our income is about ??40.000 per annum. We are currently renting a 2 bed flat which cost's a fortune. Will we be entitled to a council house or will we have to rent. We are very worried about the cost's.
Also, where can we find out excactly what we will need tostart buying. i.e. How many nappie's is enough, clothe's, sterilizers.
I could do with a complete check list.
Am i just worring too much?:\?


  • Firstly, congratulations, secondly, relax.

    1) EBAY is your friend. 2nd hand is not bad, infact some of the best bargains I have is from ebay. Pushchairs, baby furniture, moses baskets, baby monitors all can be bought 2nd hand.
    baby clothes bundles are also good, but you would need to know what the sex of both are to start stockign up.

    When the sales are on go stock up on baby grows, buy a couple of pram suits, socks, bootees, get cream or pastel colours that way if boy ot girl it doesn't matter.

    call the CAB & ask them to give you some advice on housing help & grants. You may be entitled to a start up grant to buy the baby essentials.

    Speak to the benefits office & see if you can get some help there too

    Join the boots baby club, you will receive vouchers for 2 for 1 offers on baby things, like nappies & they usually do a changing bag promotion where you get a bag & some supplies for free.

    Don't forget you will get around 80 pounds per month per child as child benefits when the babies are born so that will be an extra 160gbp per month too which will cover nappy & milk costs.

    Buy Prima magazine they have a checklist in there that gives you an idea, also an essentials shopping guide then ask here whether it is worth buying half the stuff on it (trust me, it isn't )

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  • Agreed. Also remember that ASDA and TESCOs do some really lovely cheap clothes 0 especially babygros - i think its about #3 for 5 of the plain white cotton ones. Spangly ones are unnecessary.

    I don't think you'll qualify for a council house and the waiting list is sooo long anyway! You might aswell give them a ring and get all the information you can on housing benifit and privately renting and see what they can do to help.

    Remember you can potentially get working tax credits, child tax credits, child benifit, maternity pay, etc.

    You also do not need to buy the most expensive things - look for the bargains. We bought our cot for 70. More than we were willing to pay as money was very tight but it was marked down from 280 as it was a display item. Nothing wrong with it at all.

    Look at ikea. They do a lovely basic cot which is about 40 i believe.

    People are also very good at giving things they don't need. Get in touch with as many people who've got kids as you know. The younger the kids, the better. And when you're ready, tell the whole world you're having twins. Go for the sympathy vote too! People will help out, i promise you.

    Also. Get into the habit of saving now. Even if its a tenner a month, that can be your nappy money for ages. And spread out the cost of things. EG, Save your money and get a pram earlier, don't buy everything at once other wise your whole trousers will burn, not just your pocket!!

    Good luck, and congratulations!!

  • Also, hit the search box for "unnecessary baby stuff" Or words to that effect. I think you'll be able to get the posts up from all of us lot chatting about things we've never used. xxx
  • for little bits like monoters and stuff evan cots and buggys try 2nd hand shops they ar great 4 baby stuff and most of the baby clothes ar nearly new!!!!
  • Hi there...freecycle is my saviour! I dont know how active it is in you r area...but if you go on and then find your need a yahoo account to join. People offer all sorts of stuff free on there as long as you can collect. Is very good. As others have said ebay is very good aswell. The only thing i wouldnt buy second hand is car seats due to saftey issues but as it is unlikely that you would have a double travel system i would suggest the Britax first class si, about ninety pounds and goes from 0-4 years backward and foward facing so that would save you money in the long run.

    It is unlikely you would get a council house or anything like that as we dont and earn half what you do. As others have said you will get child credits etc.

    Good Luck!

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