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Any teachers and maternity pay please help!!!


I am a bit confused about maternity pay being a teacher. I was talking to a fellow teacher who is pregnant and she says she is getting full pay for six months. She doesn't know i am pregnant so don't want to ask her too many questions yet.Can anyone shed any light on how she might have worked this out. Is it something to do with the SMP plus wages and works out to be six months full pay?? bit confused any help would be appreciated

Thank you Confused


  • Hey up,
    Congratualtions first of all!!
    Secondly I am on Mat leave at the mo and am a teacher. My lo is 7 months tomorrow and I got full pay from the time I started Mat leave.
    So I think you get 4 weeks full pay, then 5-9 weeks is 90% pay with Statuary Mat pay. Then from 9-19 weeks 50% with Stat Mat Pay. Then 19-39 weeks is just Sta Mat pay on its own-??118 per week'ish.
    Hope that helps.
    Am heading to NO pay what so ever so that should be fun-not!!
    Anyway enjoy your pregnancy and hth. xx
  • Hi,
    I've had 3 chn and mat leave has been lengthened each time! My lo is 14mth old and for her I had 4 weeks full pay, 2 weeks 90%, 12 weeks half pay then the next 21 weeks (up to nine months) is SMP (about ??117/week). You can then have the next 3 months off, but for nothing! Ouch!
    You can also do 10 KIT days, I worked for a day paid as supply and was deducted one seventh of my weekly SMP rate for each day. Good if you can towards the end of your mat leave for eaxtra cash! And school can't make you do them, it's up to you! I got paid to go on courses for example, cracking!
  • As alioli and Mum to 1 said that is what I got too! Have a look on the web if you google it, you'll find out more info.
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