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how do I apply? help please

Please can someone help me?

How do I apply for child benefit once baby is born?
How do I apply for child tax credits?
Sure start maternity grant?

I dont know who to ask!! Would appreciate your help ladies xxxxx


  • Hiya PP

    Child Benefit form will be in the bounty pack you receive when baby is born so that one's sorted. Child Tax Credit forms need to be requested from HM Revenue n Customs - go here.... and use the links there hun. With both of these thou, you will need birth certificates so that will need to be done as soon as you can.

    Sure Start Maternity grant claim pack needs to be requested from ur local DWP centre (use to be the Job Centre). Any probs hun, or if u get lost, u can email me anytime on [email protected]

  • oh Mummyx5 you always come to my rescue!

    I did actually think about emailing you but felt abit cheeky so thought I would post on BE instead.
    Thanks for that info!!

    Hope you are well
  • LOL,

    Thats no prob hun, always happy to help image I'm doing good, bubs has had a growth spurt recently so I know look extremely pg at 25 wks!!!!

    I'll be offline for a while from Saturday/Sunday as we're moving back to the UK and don't know when we'll get internet up n running (not toooo long I hope LOL).

    If you want, email me b4 then and I can let u have my mob number if u want it, if u fancy a chat/text anytime :\)

    Take Care
    Mandi xxxxxxxxx
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