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Hope everyone is well. I'm new here so finding my way around just now.

I have recently found out that I am pregnant and am now starting to fret about what'll happen when the wee one comes along!
What benefits can you be entitled to? Am having to look at all aspects re work, not working etc and am wondering if you an advise?

Thank you for your time.


  • I cant advice much as i do not know your circumstances, but everyone is entitled to child benefit, your first child is ??20 a week but depending on your circumstances, like us we get it 4 weekly, so get ??80 every 4 weeks. There is also child tax and working tax credits, we didnt get working tax as earn to much but do get child tax. There are other sorts of benefits that are not just for having a child, like housing benefit, council tax benefit. Although you will probably get more than what you would without having your baby.

    I myself have quit work and am planing on going back to college in september, so i phoned tax credits and ours has gone up, and we now get working tax.

    Oh and you will get a maternity grant from the government, you get the form from your midwife at around 25 weeks and send it off, i think it was around ??200 i cant quite remember, and we bought out cotbed and mattress for this.

    HTH xx

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  • if you're 25 weeks pregnant before jan 1st, you can get ??190 health in pregnancy grant. then the government are scrapping it. theres also the sure start maternity grant which is income based, but ive heard that is being cut too, but im not sure when.
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