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selling stuff on?

do you sell your baby/childrens equipment toys and clothes on?

I have given lots away but I am hoping to move soon and just seem to have masses of toys to get rid of. I could also do with a little bit of extra cash as well.

Does anyone sell on e-bay? is it easy? how do you work out what post and packing to add? will the postal strike effect this? or do you use an alternate parcel delivery place?

I organised a sale last year with some other mums to sell some stuff on which was ok but it was quite a hassle and although I sold quite a lot I was still left with quite a bit too!! there is a place locally that buy stuff but they only buy it for half of what they can sell on and are very choosy about what they do or don't buy.

any ideas welcome!


  • There's an online pricing guide on e-bay so you just enter the weight and dimensions etc for it to give you the postage cost figure to add. Just be aware that the charges ebay impose on sellers now seems to make it difficult to make a profit on smaller stuff. There is a site called that is free to sell stuff on, give away stuff etc and people use it more for finding things locally so you wouldn't necessarily have to post anything.

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  • How soon are you planning to move? Could you do a Car Boot in the Spring?

    The way I go about car boots is that I basically want rid of the stuff and it's better to have a little of something rather than the whole of nothing so I just price things cheaply and watch the stuff go. I may not make as much as other car booters, but I don't go home with half as much either.
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