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your weekly shop?

how much do you spend on your weekly shop? its just me , my husband and my son who is 13 months next week. we seemt o be spending 100 pound a week at mo!!!!! i dont no how?


  • about ??40 pound. The main crux is meat. We buy cheap cuts and make huge shepherds pies with loads of veg.
    Also go to diff shops for diff things, iceland sell 4 pints of milk for ??1... whereas tesco is ??1.50! We go through 2 a week! Eeek.
  • There is just me and my hubby and we spend about ??50.00, but some weeks it's higher. We also do a monthly shop to get washing powder etc and that costs ??120! I'm not sure where we are going to make cuts when the baby comes along and we only have one wage. I don't by expensive brands or ready meals.
  • We've been trying to work out where all our money goes recently and have established we spend about ??50 on weekly shop. BUT......we shop on a Monday and usually only buy enough evening meals until the Friday, so end up going to supermarket on a Sat and buying more food and sending between ??20-??30. We've chnaged our tack now and have started buying for the full week and we spent ??60. Hoping it stays like this as were really struggling with me only being on maternity now. Theres just me, hubby and Lo whos 5 months x
  • we spend about 80 quid a week - there's me, hubby, LO the dog and the cat
  • Most weeks we spend ??50 - ??60 but about once a month we have a shop that comes in at about ??80 when I buy all the washing powder etc.
  • hi we spend ??100 A MONTH! we do one big shop online, so we are not tempted with stuff you see in store that you dont actually need,lol and that way we stick to a list. we buy the milk and b read we will need and freeze it. we buy frozen chicken which isnt cook from frozen as its cheaper and same with mince and then 2 bags of potatoes,psta ect and then tinned tomatoes and we make everything from satch as its so much cheaper.
    I dont buy baby milk in this shop (its a new expense as Lizzie is only 7 weeks old and was breast fed for 3 weeks) and i use the child benefit for this and nappies but ??100 feeds me,hubby and our 4 year old for a month x
  • wannababy - what online shop do you use?
  • tescos. also this way we save all the vouchers we get back and exchange them for money off virgin holidays (??10 in tesco vouchers is ??40 off holiday) we have just saved over ??300 off a holiday next january!!
    we dont but branded stuff much. and buy ice cream splits for puddings. we also get some stuff to make our iown bread and i make all meals from stracth and it saves a fortune, for instance its ??1 for ready meal and its 49p for a 5kg bag of potatoes in aldi at mo which will make lots of meals-fat free chips (im doiung sw) jacket potatoes, roast spuds, potatoe pie, mash. also buying bags of pasta and adding cheap tuna or buying peppers and stuffing them with cheap couscous makes tasty cheap meals.
    also if i make cottage pie we have what we want and freeze the rest as we found we chuck so much away!
  • Suggest trying You do an online shop and then it tells you what the costs would be in each supermarket, then you can order online, or would just be a good way to check out which supermarket is cheapest for the type of foods you buy. Have look at the demo on the front page.
  • We spend ??60 - 70 a week on average for the two of us plus two cats. Some week's it's more like ??50 and other's we can spend ??80. Luckily babies are cheap(ish)!!! But I reckon we'll be spending ??80 a week once baby is weaned etc.
  • We spend around ??60 a week (thats with my M&S staff discount). We only buy free range chicken and outdoor reared porjk which puts the cost up too. Dog food we buy a huge ??30 sack but that feeds two dogs for around 3 weeks.

    TBH its the petrol thats crucifying our finances at the minute!
  • at the mo it's just my OH and I and we spend about ??25 weekly. I did some asda online shopping once and spent ??30..just buying stuff like coke, juice, cleaning products..and since then our bill has been cheaper becaue i brought in bulk.

    when little one arrives in july i plan on BF'ing so not much extra grocery money needed there hopefully image how do some of you spend ??70-80 a week!?!?! what on earth do you buy!
  • i havent actally worked out how much i spend on food and stuff for me hubby and a 3 year old.
    but i am lucky enough to live by asda, morrissions, iceland, farmfoods and tesco so i tend to have an afternoon where i go to each and buy all the offers at the mo farmfoods have 4pts of milk for 1 or for ??1.50!!!!!!!!!!!! and loafs of hovis for ??1!!!!!!! i buy food for meals rather than ready made also we eat quite plain like cheese and pot pie, chicken curry and rice i love my slow cooker to and do cassarole we love sausage mash and beans so thats cheap to as for lo i buy swede waffles and fish fingers he loves pasta so we eat fairly cheap, i buy all the biscuits and cakes when they are on offer.
    I am thinking of having a monthly plan and a budget so we can see where we can save.
  • We seems to spend between ??50 and ??60 a week. It varies but it's nearer 60 if nappies are included and slightly less if not.
    That's for me, hubby and 18month old son.

    I make all meals from scratch and do packed lunches each day for hubby and I at work. I find buying tons of fresh fruit and veg for lo adds loads to our bill. Also all the Organix finger foods crisps and biscuits aren't cheap.

    I'd love to cut it down to about ??40 each week so I'm going to keep an eye on this thread for some hints and tips. S x
  • Since having our son i've been doing tesco's online & im only spending ??70 a week for the 3 of us, whereas before Evan was born we were spending ??90 a week!!
  • we spend ??100 for a 2 week shop so ??50 a week. one of the 2 shops of the month includes a months worth of nappies (??18) and wipes (??4 ish)

    i buy 7 meals that i can cook (Spag bol x3, saus casserole, chicken casserole, sweet n sour, curry) and a lot of freezer food that will do other days. also buy things like baked potatoes, corned beef and potatoes for stovies, lots of cold meat and sandwich filler for sandwiches/baked pots and a couple of tins of soup. i try not to buy snacky foods bar a multipack of crisps, a pack of biscuits like kit kats, a couple of packets of supernoodles, we just buy alot of fruit for snacks and yogs for after lunch and dinner (we buy asda owns brand angel delight and jelly for puddings) we buy asda smart price fromage frais and asdas own brand yogs which are yum. we dont buy fizzy juice or sweets etc. erm...we buy asda smart price toilet roll, asdsa own brand hair shampoo n conditioner (coconut one which is lovely and is pretty good for ??1 a bottle!) asda own shower gel...los wash stuff is asda own baby shampoo, baby bath and baby wash which last a couple of months. only thing we HAVE to buy branded is toothpaste lol! i always get colgate or aquafresh. if we run out of something which we didnt need to buy at the time of the 2 week shop then we use tax creds money to buy it but it rarely happens. we use ohs wages to buy the first 2 week shop and then after than we try and make the 2nd 2 week shop alot smaller (we buy that one weekly insted of in a 2 week bundle) using tax creds money.

    that was a bit of an essay but ive only just discovered budgeting food and i love it LOL. we shop online as can get alot cheaper things and arent tempted to buy rubbish image xxxx
  • My god, looking at how much you lot spend i really need to start shopping around. I usually spend about ??110 a week on food and then i have to buy nappies, wipes and milk for our youngest. There is me, my oh, our 3yo son 1yo dd and our youngest ds who 7 weeks. Although friends do seem to be round alot when i'm cooking so they probably cost us a fortune x
  • hi i spend 150 a week but their is 7 of us lol,

    i dont buy ready meals they too exspensive but make alot of meals.

    i try and shop on my own as it would just cost twice as much with older kids lol

  • We spend about ??90 a week for myself, hubby and 8 month old daughter. This also includes the cat who costs about ??10!

    My DD eats pretty much the same as us, but more fruit and she is particularly partial to pricier fruits such as mango, pineapple and strawberries!

    I budget this much, and am able to buy what I like to although I do buy in bulk for certain offers such as toilet paper and kitchen roll as MrsAmanda says.

    I don't use a particular supermarket, but often go to Morrisson's as it is the nearest image
  • we normally spend approx ??100 a month on two of us, we buy milk, toilet roll from farm foods as a lot cheaper than supermarkets. we are lucky that within 4 miles of our house we have all the supermarkets, so tend to buy certain items from certain supermarkets are cheaper.

    i do plan the meals for the week before going food shopping we dont buy ready meal's occasionally buy a pizza but we always have snacks, fizzy drinks, ect included as well.

    i make our bread in a bread machine which works out a lot cheaper than buying bread
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