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Usborne books?

Not posted anywhere on here for ages but was a regular on due in nov 07.

Anyway i was finally convinced in July to join Usborne by another member of due in nov 07. The kit costs ??38, even tho there are special offers on every now and again to make it cheaper. For ??38 you get around 15 books and all the stationary you need to start selling. All that usborne ask is that you take at least ??100 in the first 12 weeks otherwise they invoice you for the books in the starter kit. I was a bit worried about this to be honest but i held a party at my house with only 6 people and took an order for ??140. So now i don't have to worry any more about taking enough money.
You literally after taking that first ??100 do as little or as much as you like. I have got myself booked to do 2 Christmas markets so far.

You can earn at least 24% on every order you take when ding home parties, orders of friends etc plus free and cheaper books.

I have to say my little boy is going to have so many books now. I know we all have the internet to access stuff but i still believe the good old fashioned book is the still the best way.

Coming up to the winter months and Christmas is the perfect time to start as more people stay in and perfect Christmas presents.

If anyone is interested in getting into usborne themselves then please feel free to contact me and ill answer any questions and let you know how you can get started.
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