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planning no 2 but anxious

my son is 12 months and im a stay at home mum, we want a close age gap and only 2 childrwn so we are ttc thsi year some time. i will go back to work when my first is at school and the 2nd will come to nursery. i may go back part time till both in shool then full time, does this sound like a good plan? i do worry alot about money and a job where i can pick kids up as obviously they are in two different places! how do people do it!!!


  • My son is nearly 9 and I am due to have my second in a week, but that was a "forced majeure" due to the fact that I left my son's father and didn't remarry until April last year. I am finding it financially easier now than I did when I had my son, however everyones situation is different and my friend got pregnant and had her baby within 18 mths of having her first. Money is quite tight for her, but she manages very well. She worked whilst pregnant with the second right up until 37 weeks and has agreed with her hubby to go back part time when the youngest is at nursery.

    Sam x
  • i want to go back after my second but when my first has started school, so i have to get childcare for after school and before school potentially and day care for the second.
  • Don't forget Child Tax Credit which is to help with childcare costs. If your going to be working part-time I'd find a good childminder too. If you go to the Ofsted website it will be able to give you a list of childminders in you area and their latest reports.
  • ok great. thankyou.x
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