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havent been paid tax credits - worried

I was expecting to recieve child tax credit today as I get it paid every 4 weeks on the day without fail. Im now worried that Im not going to get paid as its april and havent done my renewal yet. But I have been waiting for the pack in the post but have not got it yet. Im also worried that our payments are going to be reduced as OH has been earning over time but we wont be able to survive on any less.
Has anyone else not recieved their payment or not done their renewal yet?

thanks, fiona


  • just wanted to say we havent recieved our renewal pack yet either!
    hope it all turns out ok x
  • thanks girls, my money was paid in on wednesday, I concluded that they took an extra day due to easter weekend!! im sure we'll receive our renewal packs soon, least we have some time yet x
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