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sure start maternity grant

im 7 mths pregnant, and my other half works earning 21,000 last year i dont work but get tax credits of 2755 and have 2 children can i claim the sure start maternity grant? any help would be such a help thanks:\)


  • if you get tax credits above the basic ammount then you are entitled. both times i applied i was told i didn't qualify but i did they were just wrong so i reapplied/contested it and i was entitled so i did get it. its definately worth pursuing!
    good luck
  • hi ya,
    do you get child tax credits
  • carla yes i get tax credit the amount i get is ??2755
  • i think you should be entitled to it then. you can always ring ur local job centre and ask them to make sure.
  • i did that today and there was no joy, but i did notice on dwp webpage that it said legislation (2) 2008-09 tax reward of ??548 or ??1095 for a baby under 1 not sure what that ment but if they tell me no and i appeal and still say no can i reapply when baby is born
  • ive rang the sure start people in birmingham and they said i can get the grant so thanx for all of your answers
  • everyone can get it after a birth because everyone is entitled to child tax credits, at the higher rate because they have a baby under one, unless they earn a silly amount like 100k+ a year... so theoretically everyone is entitled to the ssmg once their baby is born image
  • So.... is it better to wait until after baby is born than try to claim it in the 11wks before birth ? I was going to get the forms next wk but if there's a better chance of qualifying then I'll wait until after. do you just go along to the job centre and fill in the forms ? S x
  • Call em anyway and get them to send the forms out to you. Once you have them you can decide whether to apply b4 or after!
  • hi
    im so annoyed as i had applied for this but was told we couldnt have it as both of us work but do get ctc, they should make this so much clearer as this would have helped us greatly! my Lo is now 7months so far too late.
  • get the forms and fill them out. All you have to do once the baby is born, is get a health care professional to sign it.

    my lo is 2 mths and i keep forgetting to take it with me to clinic to get signed!
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