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Work... or benifits?

I really have no idea what to do... i am perfectly welcome to go back to my old job at the end of my maternity leave in January... but apart from actually not wanting to... i've worked out that i would actually be more out of pocket with paying for childcare etc than i would be if i didn't work at all.

I really do want to work, and im doing a course on a friday in accountancy to help me do something different.

Do i just go for work and be out of pocket for a few years til i get a better job/promo/pay-rise or do i just stick with the college course and not work?

I seems obvious to work, but i\ve got to pay the bills!! What have you ladies done and why did you choose to do it?



  • Exactly. And its not as if i don't want to work either! I'd much rather be doing it! Just i don't really see a huge amount of point in me working if all that'll happen is us ending up in huge amounts of debt and then going right back at the start, plus being bankrupt. I totally agree that all people should work unless they really can't - i know a couple of people that have overlyselfishly had kids and not worked purely to have the house paid for them, bills paid (and even one girl works for TWO catalogue companies on the sly). It really gets my goat. xxx
  • Hiya hun,
    I think the government are making it harder for mums to claim benefits and not work at all these days but I do agree that when youre earning less you will get more benefits and help with childcare costs. Im having the same dilemma as you but I am planning to try and go back part time as by law if you ask for part time hours your company must consider it and give a good business case for refusing it if they do so - that way I will still be earning but wont be earning so much that I cant claim benefits any more but wont be working enough hours to have massive childcare bills


  • Its a nightmare isn't it but you've got to do whats best for you and your baby. if you're going to be financially worse off leaving your baby in childcare which you don't want to do then why should you. you've worked and paid your taxes so if you can get help when you need it take it.
    You caould try flexible working - shifts - or working from home. I work part-time - i pay minimal childcare as my husband works early shifts so is home for the boys. I also sell usborne books aswell which could be an option for you - If you are interested in something like this i can let you know more.
  • Hi,
    I dont work because of the cost of child care, for three children I wouldnt earn enough to cover it.
    My oh works full time, really crappy shifts too but despite our previous money problems we are now living sort of comfortable.
    I am always on the look out for jobs but with oh's shifts its impossible to get anything to fit around him so I wouldnt have to pay childcare.
    To be honest if you don't need to work or would probably be out of pocket as you said than I wouldnt go back to work.
    You could always go back for a trial run and see how things go financially if you felt you needed to work then you could say you'd tried it but it didnt work out(if you get what I mean).
    Either way goodluck hun
  • have you been to your local job centre and spoken to someone there about it? they are really good and show you how many hours you can work and what to claim so that you are better off money wise. they done it for me and i was better off working just 16 hours a week not full time and they told me this,give it a go you have nothing to lose xx
  • Hi Julesy can you please give me some information about Usborne books. I'm going part-time in January due to work having problems with me having to rush off if Summer is poorly to get her from the nursery. Extra money will help. We are going to be no better or worse off me going part time but it;ll help
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