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can i afford it

hi guys

i am desperate to have a baby i have been trying for 11 months but have decided to stop trying as 1) nothing is happening and 2) don't know if we can afford it.

how can people afford to have children and not get into debt. i am trying to pay off all the debt we have not much just car loan and stuff but am scared that we will never be able to afford it

any ideas as worries are making me wonder if we will manage and it scares me hence we have stopped trying

thank you in advance


  • Hi, Don't give up just yet hon, Things will get better.
    I have been in the worst position possible and had to go Bankrupt..........But.........I managed to have three great children on a budget and still have all the things my kids need.
    I lost my house and everything but now things are on the up, we are renting a nice house and have learn't alot about budgeting.
    Yes having kids can be expensive but there are so many ways to save money now when buying baby stuff. I got a mothercare moses basket, brand new in the wrapper, off a web site called "Preloved" for just ??9.
    A Mamma's and Pappa's travel system, perfect condition on the same site for ??90. I just gave it a good clean and the carrytot was still in the wrapper with tags and all they had never used it.
    So as you can see there are ways around spending alot of money.
    There is one huge thing I have learn't from being in a bad financial situation and it is this: When I see something I like or fancy to take a step back and think"DO I REALLY NEED THIS OR THAT" and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be NO.
    If you are living comfortably, having extras each month/week then the chances are you have spare cash to put towards you car repayments/ debts.
    If things are really tight it may be wise to speak to citizens advice just to get out any worries you may have financially. They may have some suggestions to help.
    I don't know if this is any help but I do hope you don't give up on trying for a baby, I know now that Money isn't everything it just helps!!!!!!
    Good luck hon
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