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Help! I'm homeless!

What kind of help can i get towards rent or anything like that?

OH is on sick leave after being seriously ill and now my mum doesn't want us here anymore. She's not given a set date for us to leave by but she's hanging around asking us all the time if we've found somewhere to live yet.

I can't possibly afford a deposit on a bedsit let alone anything i'd want to bring harry up in!

Anyone got any ideas? xXx


  • No... i can understand why she's asking us to leave. It was never our plan to stay with them n i think as she's done here 'looking after kids' bit, she wants the house back to herself and my dad which i can understand. We just have very different views about the way we want to run our households and we clash. Ergo, we're out lol.

    I'm near Bristol but i think i'm part of the north somerset council. The only thing is... if they visit her and ask about her wanting us to leave... i think she'd lie and say she wants us to stay... *sigh* what a nightmare.

  • Thanks. I just spoke to a friend and she said that to get help she had to have a letter from her mum saying that she was homeless and wasn't wanted to stay. But will deffo go first thing monday morning.

    Thankyou xxx
  • i also have a friend who's mum had to write a letter saying she was no longer wanted at home and had a week untill she had to be out etc. i hope you get everything sorted xxx

  • i dont really know what you can do apart from go to your local council, you should be put on priority but you might not get a place straight away as you still have a roof over your head. good luck i hope you get somewhere soon. katie 35wks+4days x
  • from my experiance (i am on the council list atm) they will always contact people involved ie your mum and try and get her to let you stay there.

    Just ask her to be honest with them, if she wants you out then it's the best way.
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