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Maternity pay - your help needed!

Hi, this is my very first post so I hope someone can help!

I would like to start trying for a baby next year and my company policy is that I must have been working there 12 months to qualify for maternity pay - it seems to be that I get full pay for the first 6 months. Does anyone know if you qualify for anything else after this period? The info I read at work seemed to say that I could have a year off but would be paid for just 6 months.

I have no idea about this sort of thing as have always done contract work before so any benefits of any kind are totally new to me!

Your help would be much appreciated.


  • in the uk you are entitled to 9months or 39wks smp which is abotu ??123pw i believe you only need to be employed for a few months. to qualify.

    in your situation you would get 26wks full pay, 13wks at smp & the final 13wks unpaid

    can someone correct me if i have made a mistake
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