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Any Advice?

Hello all,
I had my first baby (emily- bloody GORGEOUS) 5 weeks ago, and since going on maternity leave we've had to move back in with my fiancee's parents because my maternity pay left us so short that we couldn't afford our privately rented flat (boo hoo!) So we've gone back to square 1 and are now saving for a deposit on another place for when I go back to work.
Was just wondering if anyone has any tips for smart saving and for working out a budget etc?? I'm a bit worried that now that we're back with parents and are paying very little rent we're going to go back to our old ways of spending loads on clothes and things that we don't really need! Just want to find a way that we can live comfortably and still save our money!x


  • Do you have online banking? We are currently saving in the hope that we can still afford our rent when my full pay runs out. At the start of the month, i transfer an amount out into a seperate savings account and just live on the rest like its all the money we have - it does work for me as you live to your means - and the good thing about online banking is that if you do suddenly have an emergency you can easily transfer the money back into your main account..

    Try and work out just what you need (and a little extra for something nice) and the remainder can be out of sight and out of mind - you will be really surprised how quickly it mounts up xx
  • I aussume its your OH parents you pay the rent to directly at the moment? if so could you ask them-if you pay them an extra amount of money each month, will they put that away for you. that way you cant touch it!
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