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changing jobs

well where do i start oh has drove me mad the past 6 months hes hated where he works and has been leaving then not leaving then leaving then not leaving id got sick of it hes a good man and is very good at his job and last tue he came home he had walked out! it was a shock as its not like him at all he found another job and has started today, the thing is he has to work 4 weeks before getting paid and now we are going to struggle with bills n stuff we dont have any savings and are going to get a bit behind it wont take long to sort ourselfs out but its the juggling the bills ive got a headache and havent started yet!!! im doing a few extra shifts at work to bring in the cash and doing a couple of nights to get me back on my feet im going to tighten the belt and hopefully that will be enough!! i may speak to my manager to see if i can get nights for a couple of weeks so we can save some cash on childcare?? im only using the car when i have to, its such a pain in the a*** im also starting to stress about xmas and its a bit daft coz we have lo prezzie and everyone can just have somethng little or not at all!! why does it cause so much trouble this money stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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