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Have you started saving, preparing? Any tips?

Hi, I am around 6 weeks pregnant and thinking of starting to save and preparing. Any tips? x


  • i just replied and it disappeared!!
    Anyway I'm 5+1 and thinking the same.
    Going to put as much away each month as possible to a) buy the masses of things bubs will need and b) allow me to stay off work as long as possible!!
    When is your due date hun?
    See you in August forum?

  • sorry just tumbled over from baby forum be carefull though if these are your first babies you wont know what you need exactly untill after babies are here.I bought so much stuff i did not need or was given for free in hospital later,for exeample nappy wrapper which i was led to believe i would not be able to live without and i found it completly usuless and was given a free one in hospital as well.The best bet is to save cash,buy nappies in bulk(rergister with boots parenting club and tesco baby club-lots of money back) and of course january sales,you can naver have too many bibs,sleepsuits,bodysuits and a nice activity centre.Good luck and all the best!!!
  • Deffo agreed with Sooky! Also, i opened two bank accounts (other than my current account) - a flexisaver and an isa. #100 a month goes into my isa for HUGE things like car insurance, and the flexisaver is where i put everything i don't spend on bills. Then you get higher interest on it and you can use it when you need stuff - i don't think Harry would have ANYTHING if i hadn't have done this lol. i was terrible with money! xxx
  • Hi, thanks for your posts. MrsN I'm waiting to see my MW for my due date, I conceived on my first cycle of Clomid and have't had a period for ages prior so it's difficult for me to work out my due date. What I have gathered is around 20 Aug. x
  • Congratulations pont2. There's some good advise there, my sister, (mum of 3 expecting her 4th) says some people spend far too much on babies, alot of unneccessary things. So you could save by prioritising what you need. Good luck!!!!
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