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Monthly Budgets

I hope you don't mind me asking. I just wondered, after you have paid your bills, how much do you have to live on for a month, to buy food, petrol, treats etc?


  • Hi hun

    We have around 400 - 500 per month disposable income and thats for clothes, nights out, birthdays etc.

    We include food and petrol in our outgoings as they are a must

  • About half our income goes on rent and bills. Then about 1/6 goes on food. Then we're left with about 200-300 which we usually waste on eating out etc. Hoping to stop this once baby is here!!
  • We have about ??400 - 500 but we are going to cut down in other areas too soon before bubs arrives. x
  • we worked it out last night our budget over next few months and we will have approx ??150-??200 a month now that i'm on sat maternity pay.
  • Normally about ??400 but it will be cut to next to nothing when I go on maternity as I'm the main breadwinner. Things will be very strained for a few months. We're trying to save up a bit as well as buying baby things.
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