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How many hours can you work before it affects benefits?

I was wondering if anyone many hours a week or how much can you earn weekly before if affects your credits,child benefit etc??
I will be going on maternity leave in October, and continuing to work as a carer for my mum, but recieving smp from a different employer. I know i can work for my mum as i have been working with her during the 15th week before im due etc. But i want to know how many hours or how much i can earn a week without affecting the benefits we will recieve as a family, so that we can work out how many hours i can do etc.




  • im not sure to be honest but I know when I was pregnant with my daughter I spoke to someone at the local job centre who helped me work out how many hours I could work to be better off and it was really helpful, so maybe try job center x
  • my partner works 16 hours and over to be able to get working tax, we also get child benefit and child tax hope that helps
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