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Sure Start Maternity (yes i know its been covered)

Im employed full time and my wife stays at home and looks after our little boy, we are expecting another child novermber the 10th. We have been awared CTC of ??10.50 a week for our little boy. this works out at exactly ??546 a year when calculated from APRIL 2009 to APRIL 2010. I believe this is the cut off for the sure start maternity grant. My question is a basic one, are we entitled to the grant or not and if so, who is not entitled to the grant as i earn quite a high income and i dont think the CTC we have been awarded could be any lower, This means that anyone who claims CTC upto the cutoff point (which i believe is around 60k per year) should be entitled. Im hoping someone in a similar situation could answer my question. Also should i get rejected is it worth re applying when our second child is due as our CTC award is likely to go up.


  • Hi we are in a similar situation except we both work but we get the same amount of tax credit as you and your partner. I am going to apply for the sure start mat grant after the baby is born (our 2nd baby) as you have 3 months from birth date to apply and tax credits go up when you have a baby under 1 (think it will be smae for you, it only goes up ??10 a week) x
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