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Such a mess

hi, i just dont know what to do, i need ??300 this week to pay some bills and unexpected debt. Our income is only??250 at the mo and cos i didnt send my renewal tax credits on time it was put on hold and have to re-apply. I just dont know what to do, got school uniform to buy and baby due anytime from now in next three weeks. was looking at doorstop lenders but couldnt find any in my area (sheffield) anyyone got any advice image


  • Sorry I don't have much advice except DO NOT USE A DOORSTEP LENDER!!!!!!!!!!

    You'll only get yourself into an even deeper mess as the interest rates are atronomical. Have you checked at your bank yet, I got a loan for only 6.5% interest, paid back over 3 years. It's worth asking family members to help you out too.
  • there is only my dad, and he is the tightest, scrooge around and pesters for it back and constantly reminds u that u owe it him. My oh family have just forked out for a holiday so they cant help and my bank have refused me. I just dont know what to do, thanks for your advice anyway, regards sara xx
  • hi, can you not speak to those you owe money to and ask if you can pay it back at a reduced rate for a few months. also have you tried applying for sure start grant?

    hope you get it sorted soon. becsxx
  • Have you thought about getting an intrest free credit card, i got one from the halifax and its intrest free for 10 months, also what about getting an overdraft on your bank acount, i know with the bank we use u can aply on line and you get a decision and money with in about 10 seconds, we have had to use it a few times when things have changed like this month martins company changed his pay day so it was a week further away than normal so we had an extra week to try and live of the same money not easy when all our monthly bills come out that week, so we just got an over draft for a month as you can also set how long you want the overdraft on your acount for x
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