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financial advice.... WHERE

where do you go for advice that is good not where someone is trying to sell you something or where they try too get you to borrow?


  • hi, the citizens advice bureau are excellent - is its a debt issue then are also good. They are both non profit organisations and wont try to sell you anything and their advice is free.

    Lisa x
  • Hi there,
    Citizens Advice, they were a huge help to me. My mate also used them and they are in contact with her creditors to help sort things out for her, she is very happy with their help.
    Also I know a company called DCM MONEY SOLUTIONS who did all my bankruptcy paper work, they do charge but not alot and they are on the phone whenever you need them, you get allocated a team of people who are there to help you, You never get put on hold they deal with your questions right away. We met one of their advisers and now he's been to our house about 5 times just to help us with out budgeting and making sure we are getting it right this time. He's more like a friend than anything.
    Good luck with things hon
  • I work as a mtge adviser, and have worked for a bank for 8 years. If you want impartial advice use CAB, not your bank or and independent adviser. As nice as they may be they earn from what you buy so it will never be totally impartial.
    But, I know CAB are overwhelmed with people needing financial advice so they dont help everyone anymore.
  • free advice Im on a debt management plan with them at the mo they are government funded so totally unbiased


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