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national insurance/pension worries (SOME GOOD NEWS)

After reading another post i was starting to worrie again so done some searching online with just made things more complicated so i called the Voluntary National Insurance Contributions line and was told that all is good. Intill now they had a thing called Home Responsibilities Protection (HPR) which cut down on the total number of qualifying years a woman needs to get her full state pention ( so if i stay at home with my kids intill my youngest goes to school i will have been at home from 11 years there for i only need 33 qualifying years instead of 44)

But now instead what they do is for each year that you stay at home you will be creadetid with the credits needed for a qualifying year instead of just cutting down on the years needed, and this runs from the date of your first child is born intill he turns 12 or if you have other kids with in this time intill they turn 12. they also informed me that it takes time all the records to be changed so these letters will still be getting sent out. so buy the time my new baby is 12 i will have been credited with 19 years of contributions plus i will have the years of credit i collected before my son was born and the year inbetween so that once they baby is 12 i only need 22 more years to get a full state pention. which would mean working till i am 60 to get a full state pention.

Also if you are lacking in contributions then you can also borrow against what your hasband/wife has paid, even after divorce if needed so long as you dont remarry before retirment age.

Which in all is good as it means that paying the volentary contributions is not needed x
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