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I am currently on Maternity leave and am due back at work in August, I understand that I have accrued holiday whilst being on mat leave, I just wondered how you work out how much you are entitled to, also is this to be paid at full pay and can I add it onto the end of my maternity?
Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Many Thanks


  • How much maternity leave have you taken as it will obviously depend on how long you have been away. I will be taking 4 weeks at the end of my mat leave (we also accrue bank holidays, so check with your employer as that might give you a couple of days boost) The way it works for me is you give your return to work date, say 1st August, however you then apply for annual leave to start on 1st August for as many weeks as you want/can (remember you will be back at work then and it depends on how understanding your employer is as to how long you can take) Annual leave will be paid at full pay because in effect you are back at work.

    I would say that i would speak to your employer about this sooner rather than later, as summer is a busy time for leave and you may not get the leave you want if it's already booked up.

    Good luck, i hope you get to spend a little longer with your LO before you go back xx
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