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tax credit help please!

I have just finished my maternity leave and have decided not to return back to work due to the fact they havent been very flexible and i cannot possibly do the hours and days they offered me with a baby.

We are very lucky that we can live on hubbys wages so I can be a stay at home mum- we are no where near rich but we can get by on his income.

Someone told me the other day we may be entitled to tax credits?

Im not sure we are? Ive never been on any kind of benefit or tax credit before so im realllyyy confused!

I went on to the "entitledto" website and it tells u to fill in your income for the year 09/10- well i only started mat leave jan 10 so i had to put in practically my full wage for that year- obviously i am not earning this now?

my hubby has his own shop (food) and brings home around 20k a year.

what do i put down? because our combined wage for 09/10 is a hell of a lot more than what we earn now?

Are we entitled to the credits? can anyone explain a bit more? thanks!

(also in baby)


  • Hi Suzie

    You do indeed need to put down your previous years earnings, you will then receive a letter from HMIC as to what your entitlements are (worked out on that income) - you then need to call them straight away to inform them of change of circumstances, they will then take new figures from you and your tax credit will be calculated from that.

    You will be entitled to some tax credit as your earning are below the thresh-hold, I'm not sure how much though!

    Hope this is of some help image
  • I was confused by it when I first applied so I just rang them as the calculator said i wasn't entitled, however they were very useful on the phone as hubby has a company car which he pays for in his ta so was confusing. I ended up sending them both our P60's for the year and they went on that.

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