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sure start maternity new rules

Is this true, I have just rang direct gov regarding this payment, as i thought i may have been entiltled due to my low wage, unfortunatley mr(family man)cameron has put in a new law from april stating the grant is only available to your first child! Mine are 14 and 9 I am not even entilted to the 1 off payment of ??190 as this stopped in january. Im expecting twins and wondering are we entitled to anything :evil:


  • You should be entitled to the vouchers that you can use to buy fruit, veg etc and you will get child benefit like everybody else.

    Apart from that, I don't think there is anything.

    The ??190 one off was scrapped for everybody now.
  • we are not intitiled to the fruit and veg vouchers coz we get working tax credits. even only my hubby earns under 12000 a year.
  • i didnt get them just applied for the grant but not sure i'll qualify either, its not fair all those other people whogot them no matter what but us after april miss out =/
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